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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Always Ends Badly

A commenter using the pseudonym "Milwaukeean" has been active here for the past couple of weeks regarding the various court and other disputes in Wisconsin.

Milwaukeean didn't seem to cross the line from dissenter to troll, made some good points at times, and often argued against my position and the position of other readers.  That's fine. 

Unlike some blogs, we don't screen people out -- much less go back and delete their comment histories -- just because we disagree.  If all you do is name calling, you will not be put through, but dissent is patriotic here.

But these sort of commenters always seem to end badly, in a flurry of name-calling and self-righteous indignation. 

And so too, Milwaukeen bid us farewell last night:
Amazing that what is described as a blog about the law argues for ignoring a state constitution and an order of the court, dismisses it as a "county court" -- do commenters on a legal blog really not understand the term "district court"? -- and more here that shows inability or unwillingness to actually consult the constitution and statutes.

Well, okay, I finally get it. I read that this was a thoughtful blog about the law, but someone was having fun. This really is a mock legal blog, a joke!

Sorry for taking this blog seriously. Go on back to your silliness and mockery of the law, while I go on to seek a serious legal blog. Thanks for the helpful list ranking such blogs, so that I can find the far better ones!
I realize that this will come as a complete shock to Milwaukeean, but we will survive without you.

Now go find someplace where you can preach to the choir, and where the choir will not question your views or challenge what you have to say.  This is not such a place.

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  1. These trolls are getting more practiced and subtle, but they do reveal their leftist hearts eventually. It's almost a compulsion - an OCD obsession.

    It is nice that MMfA is "out of the closet" now, openly declaring guerrilla warfare on Fox. But, we know they have been targeting you, too, from prior posts. Just another troll following MMfA orders, it seems. You are just waaaaaaay too effective!!

    Kudos, once again. You should be higher in the ranking - and will be, as word of mouth (i.e. Rush on his show this week, among others) continues, getting your blog mentioned on-air, to friends, linked by peers, etc.

    (BTW - totally OT: can you post "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan before you end your tribute?)

  2. Another way to look at Sumi's decision:


  3. Uh oh. Growth of your blog might momentarily dip a tad below 160%, Professor.

    Like animals can sense fear, Media Mutterers can sense explosive growth ... and they don't like it.

  4. Go on back to your silliness and mockery of the law, while I go on to seek a serious legal blog.

    Riiiiight. He'll be back. Maybe under another name, but he'll be back. Count on it.

    The next time a Leftist actually follows through on his or her conviction will be the first.

  5. Reminds me of the rants some people post on online game message boards when they leave the game due to hissy fits. There are really only two responses you can make to people like this:

    1. Can I have your stuff?
    2. GQLLFM (Good, Quit, Less Lag For Me)

  6. que Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive