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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Worst Thing For Obama About Trump On The View

is that it reflects the reality that Obama's "Birther" strategy has failed politically, something I have long argued.

Listen to the crowd reaction beginning at the 2:08 mark, as Donald Trump vigorously and repeatedly states "I want him to show the birth certificate."  The crowd claps loudly to Trump's words. (It seems an unlikely time for the producers to have flashed an applause light, so it is fair to assume the crowd reaction was spontaneous.)

The issue still is festering, as even the Democratic Governor of Hawaii and Chris Matthews recognize.

Update:  DaTechGuy (via Instapundit) observes:
On Morning Joe just now Joe Scarborough nailed it pointing out that the liberal audience of the View applauded when Trump said this.
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  1. This, plus all the other frozen records might reveal a not particularly impressive past. Considering Obama's less than impressive behavior and attitude, is this a surprise?

  2. I can't listen to these women and their drivel. Aside from constantly talking over one another, some of their comments were simply bizarre and show a clear lack of intelligence. Is this really how women act when together in groups?

  3. Why is it I can so easily imagine at least a couple of the "ladies" on The View dancing outside the Aroma Cafe?

  4. @Shayne

    I challenge you to show us how Rosie O'Donnell's claim that Rudy Giuliani had the steel of the World Trade Center towers shipped to China in the immediate wake of the 911 "attack" to keep the American public from discovering what really happened can be construed as "bizarre."

  5. Trump is a business man and operates on facts that are at hand. And the fact that Obama has spent almost $1,000,000.00 in legal fees to avoid presenting his long form birth certificate to various courts makes Trump ask "Why?"

    When the first law suit came up, if Obama's legal team has just said "Here it is, judge." that would have been the end of it and the "birther" thing would have died down, or at least make those who stick to it look silly.

    When a kid joins the Little League (at least in my town) their parents have to provide a birth certificate to make sure they are old enough. When I applied for a passport, I had to send off for the "long" form of my birth certificate which listed the doctor that delivered me. Yet, we are not allowed to ask for proof that the first man that has been elected president, who had a foreign born parent, does not prove to the nation he truely meets Constitutional standards?

    I think Obama was born in Hawaii, but I also, like Trump, think there is a reason Obama has sealed all his records, including his records to all three universities he attended.

    And all should remember that there was a discussion in Congress as to McCain's eligibility, due to being born at a military base off the mainland. McCain provided the Congress with ALL his birth records, including the hospital records, so that Congress could VOTE on his eligiblity. Why is Obama not held to the same standard?

    It is really funny that Whoopie played out the typical left winger and tried to make Trumps statements all about "race". Perhaps the professor could use that for his Friday night race card trump example?

  6. Lucianne has a Trump/birth certificate story in her Must Reads today. It's as though Trump has validated this issue for the State-Run-Media.

  7. I can't watch the video (digestive rather than technical reasons), but what is that marshmallow looking 'thing' on the left of the still shot?

  8. I think Retire05 put his finger on why this isse has legs. It's not so much that people really think Obama is dissimulating about the country where he was born. Rather, it's the way he has so completely airbrushed his past. My guess is that unsealing his records at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law would show a mediocre student who took full advantage of affirmative action preferences (and is now our first affirmative action president), along with some very unsavory personal and political connections. Because these would contradict the narrative that he is brilliant, cerebral, a "Lightworker," etc., he needs to keep them under wraps.

  9. I don't think Trump remotely imagines he can win. I think his strategy (beyond personal aggrandizement) is to do the work other candidates won't (raise the birth certificate matter) and thereby take a president he wants to see defeated down a peg. He's a long-known entity, and people either love him or hate him already, so he's got nothing to lose. He knows each time he brings this up both he and the matter get attention.

    Me, I don't doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii. I think the document most likely contradicts something he's denied in his books and on the trail. Most likely it has to do with his name. He was probably named Barry, and adopted Barrack, and/or maybe even Hussein, later on. That of course would create a lot of questions he wouldn't want to answer, like why did he do it, and why did he lie about it? So they decided the best defense was a good offense and depict anyone wanting to see that most basic document as a lunatic. And now, even as its become much more a political drag than a weapon, they're forced to stick with it because showing that something was actually "there" that they were actually hiding would be politically catastrophic.

  10. The look of dismay on Baba Wawa's face should be adopted as the official face of the establishment elites. Why is it such a big deal to expect the POTUS to show his birth certificate? What IS a big deal is that so many people have devoted so much time and money blocking anyone access to it. Who does that and why?

  11. I don't think Obama was born in Kenya or anything but there's got to be a really good reason why he and his team are hiding his birth certificate. The more they hold out, the more of an issue it becomes and the more it will arouse suspicions.

    I had to prove who I was for my job. I've had background checks galore (even with Interpol), had to list every foreign-born relative, had to be fingerprinted, had to get school transcripts and verification of graduation, had to bring in my passport to prove I was a U.S. citizen. Obama had to prove nothing; I think every federal elected official should prove he or she meets the Constitutional requirements for office.

    I don't think Obama is trying to hide being born in Kenya. It's something else. My theory is there's either no father on the birth certificate or it is someone other than Barack Obama, Sr.. For all we know his birth name was Barry Dunham, which we know was later Barry Soetero. "Barack Obama" was probably part of his attempt to craft an authentic "black" identity in order to succeed in Chicago politics. Another theory? His bio dad is really that Commie Frank Marshall White character, which would be far more scandalous than a name change for political advantage.

  12. I think Obama's sooper seekrit birth certificate has a very simple explanation which has nothing to do with whether or not he is a natural born American citizen (he is), or a closet Muslim allied with the forces of jihad (he's not), or a ringer with a bogus social security number and sealed collegiate records engaged in a tryst with zombie Karl Marx... (ok. maybe that's plausible).

    I think the mystery surrounding his birth certificate has everything to do with his questionable parentage, and the fact that Barack Obama Sr. is not his real father.

    I think our President simply wants to shield the memory of his mother from the shame and embarrassment of her flagrante delicto promiscuity.

    Author Jack Cashill lays out a plausible case in "Deconstructing Obama."

  13. Not to delve into tinfoil hat territory, but a name change might also explain the withholding of transcripts, in that he might have entered school with a different name than he graduated with. Or something on them lists prior names. I know when I applied for membership of state bar associations, they asked about aliases and previous names. I don't recall if my college did so, but I'm pretty sure my law school did. Which brings up the issue of transcripts for application--if you went to high school as Barry, the college/law school is going to have to know about it.

    None of which would be all that big of a deal, except if you'd been lying about it for years and attacking anyone expressing a curiosity about why you won't show such documents.

  14. ...anyway, it's time the American people were awakened from their happy and groggy place. Hypnotized by the Obama schtick, and plastered over by the media, the public is starting to notice what we've been saying for 3+ years. Donald Trump is really good for something, and when he talks people do listen. It's a big moment, and there'll be very minimal response because Trump won't be cowed into shutting up. Enjoy!!

  15. The amount of things that could be on the birth certificate that would be embarrasiing are things like who the father was, real age of his mother. On a side note is Whoopi Goldberg a doctor why is she wearing a doctor's coat

  16. There is also the possibility that Obama Senior was not his father. A real birth certificate would list the father or "none". Also the hospital where he was born. I don't assume he was born in Hawaii or not born there - no one knows who hasn't seen the certificate.
    As for the news clippings of his birth at the time of his birth - personally I find it odd. Not many people back then put in news items about the birth of their child especially an 18 yr old girl married to an already married man.

  17. Trump has done the electorate a favor.

  18. How did Woopie manage to get on that couch ?
    Did they use a fork lift...?
    My bed spread is smaller than that painter's tarp she was wearing.

  19. Maybe the truth about The One's birth certificate is hidden in plain sight...

    [Hint: look at pictures of The One with his Kenyan family...]

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Thats why you gotta love Trump. he shows up everywhere, creates controversy and great PR. Look at JT's post on Trump at www.alittleleftofright.com

  22. Obama is in the Office. How hard would it be for his communist operatives to just forge everything, hack into the necessary databases, and falsify the hidden documents?

    Isn't that what the CIA does? Is that just TV mythology? lol

  23. He may make a great stalking horse for other potential candidates.

  24. 1. They're not ladies; they're witches, *itches & harpies. 2. Joy Behar, however, is sui generis. The ignorant, clueless, classless, bigoted, insipid, and New York-enculturated crap that flies out of her mouth at the pace of a 50 caliber machine gun is simply astonishing. She's has to be the world's most clueless, ignorant, bigoted, inane, ill-bred, ill-educated, bizarre, hateful, intolerant, rudest, and most arrogant excuse for a human being I have ever seen in my entire life. I literally well-up with nausea at the sight of her. She's giving the term shiksa a whole new meaning. I'm not a Catholic, and I'm not even religious, but I am shocked and sickened to hear her opinions about her own family, her own (former) religion, America, and anything normal and decent in this country. In short, this beeotch needs to be flushed before the stench of her moronic opinions and existence can't be cleaned up and sanitized by the janitors at ABC. 3. And then there's Whoopi. What can you say about this hobag? My theory about the doctor's lab-coat: she's an actress, so she's spent her adult life playing the roles of people she's never actually been: doctors, nuns, congresswomen, intellectuals .... You get the picture. She's played the part of people whose opinion matters, thereby revealing the sad reality that hers does not.

  25. FactCheck.org:
    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

    Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

    Is this what some of you might be hoping to learn? It's not new info...

    Also-- the charge that he achieved what he did only by virtue of affirmative action is racist. Maybe THAT one would be useful on a "Friday night."

    It must really gall some of you that the nation elected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama-- who was President of the Harvard Law Review. Not a role for a 'mediocre student.'

    Ah well.

  26. Laurie said, "It must really gall some of you that the nation elected a black man named Barack Hussein Obama-- who was President of the Harvard Law Review. Not a role for a 'mediocre student.'"

    OK, then tell me what Obama's GPA was.

    Oh, that's right, we don't know because he won't release his college records. Not a role for a 4.0 GPA student with nothing to hide.

    Ah well.

  27. Laurie's so eager to belittle us for asking questions none of us are asking that she's just gonna go ahead and do it for us. You know, save us the trouble.

    Life is tough when you have to build your own strawman to beat. Why won't you stupid racist Tea Baggers just go ahead and fit the caricature the Left has set out for you? Haters!

  28. I am fascinated to see Trump doing this. He is the first to speak out on this topic who is basically untouchable.

    His job can't be threatened. His reputation can't be threatened. His sanity can't be questioned. His motive doesn't matter in any significant way, and his intellect is high.

  29. Cowboy-- not at all. I don't think you are all racists-- or racists at all. I do think making a vague charge that he might just be an affirmative action opportunist is racist.

    So, the straw man? Help me here? I actually thought you raised an interesting point. I don't see these inquires are particularly relevant -- since I think he is doing a reasonably good job given the time in history and division of the country. There really are no models for an era of such crisis -- yes, we prevailed in WWII (if barely) but to add to this is a country STILL in what is shaping up to be a structural depression and a world informed by social media, menaced by nuclear weapons, and vulnerable to human mobility-- whether refugees or terrorists.

    I came across this citizenship info. It seemed highly likely that sealing records served 1) to protect family and close friends from stalkers and worse, given that Obama has probably come under more death threats than any president before him; and 2) damage control visa vis having a name that is foreign --and viscerally menacing, given the wars--to white Americans. Dual citizenship would be a huge red herring, in deed.

    You think he may have had a Muslim conversion experience that involved changing his name? Why? He had lived in a Muslim country for a few years with his step father, he didn't need to get back to his Kenyan roots, he was Kenyan by blood and citizenship if he wanted it. His father was Barack Obama. Really, what on Earth?

    I have seen more plenty of video footage of Obama at Harvard. Does anyone think a mediocre student could so turn it around for Grad school that they become president of the law review? This seems ludicrous to me. True, Bush was a mediocre student-- and I assume that many of you supported him, so I'm not clear why this would even be an issue --were it true (unlikely).

    For the record here, I know I am sometimes a pain in the 'arse' for some of you. If I sometimes step over the line, I expect you'll tell me. But I really have learned a lot from hanging out here. Sometimes I am surprised the degree to which I've been able to overcome my stereotypes of the right. And sometimes, I am surprised by things that are said that I don't think much of. That seems reasonable.

  30. Hasn't anyone considered the scary scenario that Barack Hussein Obama won't release his birth certificate because he was never born??

    Laurie, race has nothing to do with the questions as to the O's records-- only in your and his supporters' color conscious minds is race the alpha and omega of who this supposed President "of all of us" is.

    As for me, i'd like to have more documentation as to Obama's belief system, cuz I think we were took by a slick campaign. The reason this administration isn't the post-racial Presidency as advertised has everything to do with his policy, inclination and supporters. Americans can't even wonder why a President's documented past is kept from his people without some like you raising the charge of racism upon such legitimate concerns.

    What do you see when you look in the mirror- an expression and comportment or skin tone and recriminations? Believe it or not, most of us only see whether we're smiling and have wrinkles.

  31. Laurie said, "Does anyone think a mediocre student could so turn it around for Grad school that they become president of the law review? This seems ludicrous to me. True, Bush was a mediocre student-- and I assume that many of you supported him, so I'm not clear why this would even be an issue --were it true (unlikely)."

    Do you understand how affirmative action works? It works like this: minorities with mediocre qualifications often jump ahead of well-qualified white guys.

    Of course, there are other ways for people with mediocre qualifications to get positions they aren't qualified for - having connections, blackmail, fraud, etc.

    I'm not saying I know he used any of these things, I'm saying I'd like to know how he did in college. Why won't Obama release his college records? The most probable reason is that it has something that is either embarrassing or worse.

    If Obama made poor grades, that would be damaging for at least two reasons: #1. it would suggest he got to where he is through affirmative action, and #2. it would expose his image as some super-brilliant guy as a lie.

    Not only has Obama refused to release his records, he hasn't even told us his GPA (not that we could double check it).

    Let us suppose Obama did get lousy grades - how does that compare to Bush? Everybody knew Bush goofed off through college, and he was never billed as some great intellectual. His public image, thanks to the "unbiased" MSM, was that he was stupid. Bush, unlike Obama, was able to laugh at himself. And of course, we actually KNOW what grades Bush got.

    So again, what was Obama's GPA?

  32. Laurie's amusing, don't you think? That condecending "I stopped by the pigsty and was stunned to learn something" tone. I remember that tone. I drop it when I was about 12. I'm guessing Laurie is well past 12, just not yet cooked. If she matures she'll look back at this time and wonder what she was thinking. If she doesn't mature she'll look back at this time and wonder what the hell happened to all that Hope and Change. Either way poor Laurie. Cest la vie - open a cold one and throw another on the barbie!

  33. Oh - And Where's the Birth Certificate???

  34. (Affirmative action has been largely abandoned. It only helped people to get somewhere, not to stay there.)

    I understand the feeling of being muzzled that you describe. It sounds like the shaming that was conducted by the political machine towards those who questioned the war. We were unpatriotic, when the opposite was true. And the lesson to be gained from that? Shaming the opposition divides the country. And that is all it does.

    So, let's talk about race. I see an aging white woman in the mirror. Not an altogether good deal in cultural terms, but I know my good fortune. My kids grew up in a home filled with books, where they learned to be articulate, to think critically, to be responsible, and to develop a spiritual life. We went through plenty of the usual ugly teen stuff – but they always expected to have the tools for social mobility and to make important decisions that impact on the lives of others. Whether that be as lawyers, executives, teachers, priest, whatever. They were fortunate.

    We live in a university town (quite an admission) where almost everyone is so fortunate. I say almost, because our once idyllic liberal community has been challenged in recent years by a large influx of black people from Chicago-- whose culture and dress, etc are not like those of our nice white academic community. This change has revealed some ugly things about some of the citizens our nice 'liberal' community. It is home to many racists.

    Our local newspaper is full of comments about the "the people from Chicago." They have been credited with burglaries, home invasions, campus rapes, etc. Some of our more affluent (and fair) citizens moved into mac-mansions in near-gated communities where they feel 'safe.' Only guess what? The bulk of these incidents (and the most egregious) were committed by privileged white kids on drugs!

    But, these taxpayers (on 5 acre parcels, which precludes population density sufficient to be self supporting) want neighborhood schools in their sanctuary and have redirected scarce school funds to create underpopulated schools ‘close to home.’ (FYI, even of one did support local funding and control of schools – which has clearly been to the detriment of the country – this group doesn’t have the property tax to support their schools because of the lot size that precludes density. Doesn’t this sound like a familiar irony-- where the privileged who know how to navigate the politics become yet more privileged?) Meanwhile, us savvy folks who stayed in our homes who would deny them their academy and want parity across the district are characterized as pinkos begrudging the more affluent the fruits of their labor. Can you imagine??

    Now, the city schools that serve the less privileged (or self-indulgent) families (including those with parent/s working hard at places like KFC where they have no university expense account) are in classes that are too large and certainly not able to provide extra support to make up for growing up in homes that didn’t include books, language at all levels of diction, and the expectation of achievement, etc. Con't

  35. Race is real. I know a smart, well-educated black republican who is the son of PhDs, who were each the first black person to earn a PhD in their respective programs. Unlike their son they are not republicans. Why do you think that is? Could it be that they knew how difficult, how unlikely, their advancement had been-- and felt it extremely important to give others such chances? He, on the other hand, had been privileged to grow up in an environment at least one full generation away from the margin.

    The cities are full of black children, young adults, adults, who didn't have the advantage of growing up immersed in the dominant culture. They just didn't. Yes, there is a black middle class, we've had a black Sec. of State and now we have a black president. Why is this so important because he is black? (Not my motive in voting for him, but it’s important.) Because the majority of black Americans are still living in poverty. Nationally, 40% drop out of high school. Prisons are full of black men who expected little more for their lives. I doubt they grew up hearing that they could do anything they want if they worked hard enough-- they could even be President of the United States.

    We know that race does not physically define us. But we also know that culturally it does. We are not a post race society. And I frankly think it is intellectually dishonest to claim that we are. I was alive during Jim Crowe laws, and you probably were too. We need policies that seek to develop the talents of culturally-disadvantaged black Americans-- because it will help us to keep pace with the emerging economy and because it is the right thing to do.

  36. See what I mean? Laurie, the unintentional comic. Funny, funny, funny.

  37. Re: the Birth certificate.

    The Governor and the clerks say they've seen it, and now have been unable to find it. Don't you find it possible that someone took it? I find that VERY possible. Look at how much hysteria it has generated. Is it about race? Well, yes kinda. Is it also about the times we live in (where we must produce a birth certificate to get a drivers license?) that too.

    Do you think it is more probable that the Governor would lie about knowing his parents and having been around when Obama was born?

    You wanted witnesses. Isn't he a reliable witness? Really.

  38. Thanks Christine. I found your prediction that I would outgrow my silliness a bit humorous as well. Since I am, after all, an aging white woman who was alive for segregation. You? Funny.

  39. One of many complexities of Obama's heritage that made it shrewd to avoid the non-issue during a campaign to win-- instead of having to explain/defend himself (when he is indeed a natural born American). It is something to subtle to 'defend' during for a soundbite campaign. (for sure, it would have been exploited by the right.)


  40. Oh, so affirmative action has basically been abandoned now? LOL. I am a young/middle-aged white male, and I can tell you it is still alive and well.

    Just going back to the 2008 Democrat primary presidential debates, I remember when it got down to three: a black guy, a white woman, and a white guy. I forget the exact question/comment, but they basically pointed out to Mr. Edwards that he was out of luck, because he wasn't as historic or whatever. I think I remember Hillary chuckling something like "poor John." Except the funny thing was, everybody knew it was true.

    As far as "race being real," cry me a river. I grew up as a white male in a poor working class family. I attended public schools in the big city. For a couple of years, I was the only white boy on an all black bus. You have no idea the amount of racism, and hatred, and threats of violence I faced every. single. day. just for being white. I bet I know more about racism than most minorities born the same year as me.

    I remember being in high school, trying to figure out how I was going to pay for college. I remember looking for financial aid, and seeing a ton of scholarships dedicated to blacks, or hispanics, or women, or minorities in general. The problem was, I could never find those scholarships singled out for white males.

    Applying for college, I noticed that the average grades and scores for minorities gaining entrance were lower than for us white males.

    But enough about me. You just know Obama was an awesome student, so why don't you tell me his GPA?

  41. Obama's Birth Certificate- fact check


  42. L, to be authentically black in this country is be suffering and Democrat? Really? You must not remember the terribly racist Democrat politicians back in the day, or how Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act of '64. Sure, there are still disparities across our too balkanized demographics of the US of A, but we've now had decades of affirmative action, quotas and sometimes more than equal opportunity in most areas of life for blacks (Latinos, women, etc.)

    Had only Obama said and MEANT by his subsequent actions, "I don't want to be the first black American President, I want to be elected as
    America's 44th President and be lauded and criticized as such. Race will never be a barrier, political construct, excuse, or defense for me as your President. I aspire to lead a country in which each and every one of us is judged by our character and actions, and not by our race, fashion, accent, sexuality, school or temple, and one in which we all consider ourselves proud Americans, first and last. Let us not focus upon and labor to enshrine more identity group-based grievance, but to explore our commonality and potential together. Let our communities flourish and link with another through shared positive values and not harden with resentments and embrittle the body" Etc.

    Yeah, embrittle?? It's late!

  43. Also, I have five bucks that says Obama is not going to release his transcripts because the paranoid would have a field day with some of the courses he took.

    Also, as I understand it, Bush didn't release his trasncripts for Yale-- they were eventually leaked without his permission.

  44. The Left have nothing on Trump, and therefore cannot destroy him thru the media...

    To Liberals, proof is what I say it is "is"

  45. I remember people laughing at Bush's grades. And then it came out that Kerry's grades were even lower. Doh! Of course, the facts didn't change the image the media continued to put forth. We continue to hear about how stupid Bush is, but we've never heard about how stupid Kerry is. And yes, my GPA is well above both of theirs.

    I wonder how Obama's grades compare to Bush's? Guess we'll never know. It's probably better for Obama that it remains unknown, eh, Laurie?

  46. Wow! I just popped over here to check things out and there is an all out "discussion" going on! Bree Yark, as the mother of a college bound white male, I feel your pain about the scholarships. We laugh about it somedays, but apparently being white with a 4.1 average is not enough to qualify a person. His two good friends, who are wonderful boys, have been offered free rides. One is Pakistani and the other Indian. Go figure!

  47. It makes NO Difference if Obama was born in Hi. Or the White House. I guess the BC conspiracy is working, since very few (if any) supposed Constitutional authorities (including Dr. Jacobson), who are afraid of the "birther" epithet, educate the public about Obama's ineligibility.

    How can one be born British, and be considered a natural born Citizen, when the purpose of the requirement itself was to reduce the possibility of foreign influence?

    New-York, 25th July, 1787.

    Dear Sir (G. Washington),

    "Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government ; and to declare expressly that the command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on any but a natural born citizen.

    I remain, dear sir,

    Your faithful friend and servant,

    John Jay."

  48. One of many complexities of Obama's heritage that made it shrewd to avoid the non-issue during a campaign to win-- instead of having to explain/defend himself (when he is indeed a natural born American). It is something to subtle to 'defend' during for a soundbite campaign. (for sure, it would have been exploited by the right.)


    Nonsense. Since when is Snopes an authority? Since when is a pic on a website proof of ANYTHING. Obama admits to being born a British Subject. He may be a British Subject to this day, and is giving illegal orders to US Troops.
    Obama is Usurping the Presidency, and all of congress knows it, which is why they cover their own asses by not allowing the discussion of Obama's Dual Allegiance at birth (admitted). He wouldn't be eligible as a natural born Citizen if he was born on the Oval Office desk.

  49. Actually, you are incorrect. And, as it turns out, most dicussion around Obama's eligibility is moot. I should have looked this up a long time ago.


    (Also, the actions of a parent do not affect the citizenship of the child.)

  50. Runic,

    Can you give me some examples of what you perceive to be Obama's racism? I'm not saying they don't exist. It may be that I don't pick up on it, given my point of view, etc.

  51. runic-

    I was incorrect on one point above. According to the most recent census, most black Americans do not live under the poverty line. Only 1/4 do.
    %24.7 (as compared with 11.2% for white Americans). Of course, since municipal employment has provided opportunities to minorities to enter the middle class, the layoffs will hit them hard.

  52. Laurie, there are any number of examples of Obama's racism, as well as the fact that he surrounds himself with racists.

    Obama called his grandma a "typical white person."

    With the black professor/white officer conflict, Obama said the white officer acted stupidly, even as he admitted he didn't yet know the facts!

    Jeremiah Wright was his preacher for TWENTY years! This is the guy who preached that the white American government created diseases to kill black people, this is the US of KKK A, Obama quoted his "white folks' greed runs a world in need," etc.

    When all this came out about Wright, did Obama distance himself from this flaming racist? No! He could no more disown him than his "typical white person" grandma.

    And then shortly after that, Wright pointed out that Obama was just doing what politicians do, and Obama immediately disowned him. Using lies about white people to stir up anger in blacks, bashing America, that's one thing. But when you insult Obama, now THAT is going too far!

    He appointed Eric Holder as AG. Holder dropped the case against the Black Panthers in a clear case of voter intimidation for no reason. When called to account for this, Holder defended himself by referring to black people as "my people."

    Now I want you to imagine if there was an election between two candidates, one white, and one black. Outside the polling booth, there are Klansmen in uniform, wielding weapons. And a white AG, working for a white president, drops the prosecution. And when asked to answer for this, he defends himself by referring to whites as "my people." Can you imagine what would happen?

  53. As far as black poverty goes, you will find that a huge part of that is the rate of out-of-wedlock-births, and single-parent households in the black community.

    Other people can move to America with nothing, and by the time their children grow up, they can get college educations and make it. So why are blacks still so far behind after multiple generations? These immigrants have something that no longer exists in the black community - strong families and a strong work ethic.

    The source for today's ills in the black community isn't slavery, but the welfare state created by liberals to buy the black vote and keep them down.

    One of best friends growing up was a black kid, living with his younger brother and single mother. His mom lied about not knowing who the father was, and when the father was in the home, she lied about that, to game the system and make more in welfare and food stamps. Welfare made it a disincentive to marry the daddy.

    And although my friend was in a single-parent family, and received welfare and food stamps, he had a much higher standard of living than my family did.

    So yeah, the Democrats were and still are the party of black slavery.

  54. To say his grandmother was a 'typical white person' was simply to say she is middle America. Middle class, not an academic, not an activist, not like his exotic mother who married men of other races in 1960. She was, people who are afraid of me, like you. And she was the center of my life.

    Jeremiah Wright. Obama became involved with the church as he reached out to churches to do political work. Churches are the gathering places and institutions with authority on Chicago's south side. Jeremiah Wright baptized him. He was like a family member. You can't think of a family member or an old friend of yours that has gone round the bend? I can. And I don't cut them out of my life because I love them, not because I agree with them, and not because they don't say things that offend me. My father used the "n-word" Does this mean I am a racist because I navigated this rather than cutting him out of my life?

    Wright started to attack Obama-- to whom he'd once been like an uncle (surrogate male figures are common when you didn't have your father) and who had been a loyal family member all these years. Wright even went on talk shows to promote himself at Obama's expense-- of course Obama HAD to cut him off. He had no choice. 1) Wright had demonstrated that he was so mentally ill that he would try to hurt the man he'd once loved. And, 2) Obama's campaign was not just about Obama. It was about an agenda of changing what had devastated the country and our faith that the constitution would even be upheld. How could Obama allow Wright to do any more damage to a campaign that was on behalf of those of us in Iowa who gave him his first win in the primary, for people all over the country that set aside their fear that he 'couldn't win' and -- yes--for the millions of black Americans who had never seen someone who looks like them in the White House.

    I'm not seeing any racism. And as far as those democrats that were racists... as we all know, they were 'southern democrats' which for a long time meant democrat in name only (DINO).

    Holder. I don't know all the details, so I won't comment. I can say that Bush's AG was probably the most corrupt ever.

    Anyway, calling him a racist based on your examples is a leap, and not warranted. I would suggest you read "Dreams from My Father" as you obviously have not. I think it's important to read this before you make attacks on his character.

    SO... what are the policies you think would help the poor rise up? (I don't mean in some kind of revolution. This is what we DON'T want.)

  55. If I may be permitted to interject here. Although I am a mostly silent follower of Prof. Jacobson, I do occassionaly make a comment. I am not into rambling conversation, but rather would debate on the facts.

    Here are the facts for Laurie who seems to think that by pulling the race card, she has somehow legitmized her agrument.



    THE NATURALIZATION QUESTION.; Attorney-General Black's Opinion upon Expatriation and Naturalization.


    [H]ere none but a native can be President…A Native and a Naturalized American can go forth with equal security over every sea and through every land under heaven, including the country in which the latter was born…They are both of them American citizens, and their exclusive allegiance is due to the government of the United States…One of them never did owe fealty elsewhere, and the other, at the time of his naturalization, solemnly and rightfully, in pursuance of public law and municipal regulations, threw off, renounced and abjured forever all allegiance to every foreign prince, potentate, State and sovereignty whatever, and especially to that sovereign whose subject he had previously been. [end quote]

  56. Laurie, your many-word wishing away of what the majority of us perceive as Obama's racism (whether he's negatively anti-white or activist pro-black) is a fail. The fact you think you have to try is more telling than anything you have to say.

    My supposition is that most of us here and in the Tea Party look in the mirror in the morning and don't see white, black or brown categories, unlike you who sees a "white lady." I truly believe any fact of our racial heritage jumps out at us less than whether we have sleepy in our eyes and bed hair.

    Now, if one constantly has race on the mind, whether it be white guilt, La Raza, or black pride, then, sure, we'd know what color we are according to Democrats and the Census. But according to me, I'm simply tan-beige and can be assigned a number in the color spectrum. Analyze my DNA and who knows what you'll find that you can't see by shade and feature.

    WHY are communities of people still identiying themselves by race, and imprecisely at that??? Race is all about gang, clan and party/ partay association and social construct; clearly, scientific logic and empiricals haven't yet penetrated the skin tone (and climate boogeyman) crowd, yet.

    Obama could've called himself white, albeit dar-complexioned. Halle Berre can pass as black for the Oscars. Pale people who are significantly Negroid by DNA can still lay claim to being black. IOW, until we have genetic testing as to people's racial heritage and assign political definitions of race by chromosomal markers and analytical numbers, race is a state of mind, culture, history and political opportunity. It's high time we deemphasize, deglamorize and defang race and other inborn physical traits as stigma, advantage and bludgeon in our political discourse. People in the burbs or ghettos are simply individuals choosing to live with and next to one another. Should they happen to share skin color, then theirs is a voluntary association and no longer, these days, a social-political requirement given the force of law and raised sensibility.

    Anyway, there is no countering our in-the-minority racists (of all races, to include the anti-Semites, skinheads, the Aztec Nation, Nation of Islam and the Reverend Wright whom Obama patronized by his church attendance and contributions) by constantly invoking, stoking and provoking over race; there is only heightened race consciousness. More and more of us are certain that Democrats want this emphasis on race far more than would seek to conquer racism, as claimed, because it's too politically lucrative.

    The losers in this game of party political masters and servant communities are all of us: the entire country, a PC crippled, apologetic West and all of the handicapped by resentments and manipulated to stay damaged ethnic voter blocs. No one wins.

  57. @Laurie A few points at the risk of feeding the tangent on the liberal racist nightmare of white flight with "taxpayers (on 5 acre parcels, which precludes population density sufficient to be self supporting) want neighborhood schools in their sanctuary and have redirected scarce school funds to create underpopulated schools ‘close to home.’"

    That is a quaint analogy about where you live, but it's hardly the prevailing situation everywhere. Just look at the way NJ funds public schools with local taxes and state 'aid' to address the inequality of opportunity to get a decent education between school districts. School districts in NJ inner-city poor minority areas tend to have higher spending per student with much lower revenue from the local community than those in your little five acre lot sanctuaries.

    Those suburban pools of higher income taxpayers on 5 acres lots "redirecting scarce school funds" are not only paying nearly the entire budget for their local "underpopulated" schools through local taxes, but they are also providing substantively to the state aid to the inner city schools, at least in NJ. A GAO report found a few spending differences between inner-city and suburban schools, but the phenomenon you describe was not generizable across the districts they examined.

    Concern over Obama has little to do with race. Whether or not you see it, it doesn't matter. It has more to do with him being little more than a community organizing union thug in bed with what's being slowly exposed as a very corrupt union, period. And union officials like his friend, Andy Stern, are in it all for themselves, not the workers. They will do anything to subjugate the workers' right to choose and force them to pay dues for his union to spend to influence political issues which have little to no effect on the workplace whether the workers there want to be in that union or not. They want to take away the workers' sovereign vote to grow the political power of the collective through any means available to, as Obama put it, "paint the nation purple with SEIU". The internet is full of examples of SEIU extortion, bullying, intimidation, stealing, opening peoples' mail, and outright violence to expand their domain at the expense of other smaller and honest local unions who actually care for the workers across this country. Just look for NUHW in California and Sodexo and you'll see some of their handiwork. And let's not forget their alleged involvement in the attempt to buy Obama's vacant Senate seat which is stuff that would make the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese crime families proud. Open your eyes and go look for them.

    I personally don't give a rat's ass about Obama's birth certificate or the color of his skin. I care about his continuous associations throughout his career with morally and ethically bankrupt organizations and how much he's an integral part of that fabric becomes more obvious every time he opens his mouth. Good luck.

  58. Laurie said...

    " Actually, you are incorrect. And, as it turns out, most dicussion around Obama's eligibility is moot. I should have looked this up a long time ago.


    (Also, the actions of a parent do not affect the citizenship of the child.)"

    Actually, Who is US Constitution .net?
    A quote from them means nothing.
    A quote from the writer of the 14Amendment is definitely much more reliable. John Bingham said this in the debates leading to the ratification of the 14A in 1866, w/ no rebuttal.:

    "[I] find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen..."

  59. Runic- The idea people just happen to live next to one another is a great dream, but a long way from true. Of the black friends I've had over the years, I have naturally been most comfortable and closest to those who didn't make race a part of our relationship. White guilt isn't my pathology. But I also get that we are partly our experiences. And these are related to our race, gender, age, religion, etc.To say these are or should be inconsequential politically is both dishonest and rarely in the interest of both parties....

  60. Frank-
    The folks on the 5 acre parcels Don't pay even their share of the school property tax, that was my point. (We also have a local sales tax for the schools.) Anyway. I appreciate that this may be anomalous, but I can't see any reason that Americans, as citizens, should be permitted to allow their fellow citizens (who will vote) access to quality public education. (And quality-- inevitably means as good for one as good for all.)

    The union stuff you discussed is interesting. And I will take your suggestion and learn more. thanks.

  61. Obama making fun of "birthers" and ridiculing them is likely to bite him big time, in the azz. Following is a recent blog I posted, which substansiates my assertion:

    "Obama Screwed Himself Over:"


    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel