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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Don't Think He Cares What They Think

Photos of the car of a reader, who writes:
Up top is the Snow Cone (parachute and wings) of the 82nd Airborne Division (currently a member of, on leave from Camp Clark, Khowst, Afghanistan). On the left, next to my Maui sticker is the Major League Infidel sticker. And on right is Airborne Calvin pissing on liberals.  :-) I had a lot of fun driving my car with these stickers thru the upper west and east side of NYC (I'm orginally from New Jersey). Please post the pics if you can, just to show the world not all car stickers are for lefties only.
I will post all the photos he sent, because I wouldn't want to, er..., piss him off.

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  1. I have to say that I loved those stickers, but he needs to be careful where he drives with those on his POV. (Personally Owned Vehicle). There are folks in the neighborhoods he mentions who would GLADY slash his tires, key his car and Lord knows what else, just because that's who they are; "compassionate liberals" for whom free speech is for them, not for us.

  2. I have a "Dissent is Patriotic" sticker, right next to an "Impeach Obama" sticker.

    They are magnetic to prevent vandalism of my car. You can buy magnetic stickers or buy bumper-sticker size magnets to which you can apply regular bumper stickers (which I did in this case).

  3. "So, where can I buy my stickers?"

    Right here. T-shirts, too.