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Monday, March 28, 2011

Anti-Libya War Bumper Stickers Spotted Already

Spotted in French Lick, Indiana, by reader Robert, just days ago.  And they didn't even wait for Obama's speech tonight:

Somehow, I have this sneaking suspicion they probably blame Bush:

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  1. "It's clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity" opines the driver of the Toyota Prius and the technological marvel that is the Hybrid Synergy Drive. Probably an Apple fanboy too (not that there's anything wrong with it).

    And the our oil/their soil sticker predates Obama's Libyan War for Oil. Still, it is a good question. How did our oil get over there?

  2. How many trees had to die to decorate the back of that Prius!!??

  3. How many Indiana grads does it take to spell "recyclables" correctly?

    More than they have, apparently.

  4. I love the irony of the "those who can make you believe absurdities" sticker on a car plastered with so many of them.

    I wonder if the owner counts the fall of South Vietnam as an atrocity...

  5. I like the sticker that says, "Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Country." Do I assume that is aimed at illegal aliens in the US? Probably not . . . .

  6. So people are proud of their naivety.

  7. @Tully: Reciclables = Spanish for recyclables

  8. "How many trees had to die to decorate the back of that Prius!!??"

    None. That's good old, 100% petroleum-based virgin vinyl. Green technology can't even produce a decent bumper sticker. Even more irony that's undoubtedly lost on the owner of that poor Dustbuster.

  9. Actually, "reciclables" is Spanish. The whole sticker reads "reciclables no basura" which Google translates as "Non-recyclable rubbish"

  10. An individual's level of comfort with totalitarianism is directly proportional to the number of bumper stickers on her Prius. Fascism grows by the erroneous glib ideas plastered on the back of cars.

  11. This person doesn't really expect someone to be able to read all these, does s/he?

    Think of all the man-hours that would be saved if some enterprising car manufacturer came out with a model pre-painted with lefty slogans over its entirety.

    Heh heh ... the word verification for this post is "reepo."

  12. I wonder if Obama = Hitler bumper stickers will be appearing soon.

  13. "The whole sticker reads "reciclables no basura" which Google translates..."
    Living in CA, every other garbage can is marked "basura" so that our many native Spanish speakers will know where to throw trash. I would guess the intent of the message is "Recycle, don't throw away"

  14. ....This person has no sense of irony, do they?
    The Fascism (Hello, green movement), Absurdities (the electricity in my wall is clean!), Technology going beyond humanity (seen what that car's battery did to China?) and the Atrocities part (green fascism, magical electric outlets, the effect on other nations of your 'green' technology, the view that those who disagree are evil or stupid) ....


    This is worse than getting cut off by someone with a "drive nice!" sticker.

  15. I do a lot of cycling. I also run a small embroidery shop so putting a slogan on a shirt is not a big deal. After I was passed by one of those rolling cliches (a Prius covered with lefty bumper stickers), I went home, grabbed a blank red jersey and on the back embroidered:

    "My bike is morally superior to your Prius"

    Ronnie Schreiber

    FWIW I get more thumbs up than scowls.

  16. "How did our oil get over there?"

    Personally I blame Bush. *slams fist on the table*

  17. That's... not what Fascism is.

    Fascists had state control of wealth (though indirectly, rather than directly as in the case of the Communists) and information.

    And the Spanish fascists didn't have massive investment or manufacture in arms and military equipment. (Nor, really, did the Italians, compared to the rest of Europe - that little bit is unique to Hitler's Fascism.)

    And of course, the Italian fascists didn't suppress labor movements - they co-opted them, just like the Communists/Socialists do.

    The people most hyperventiliating about "fascism" seem to usually be the ones who know the least about it or what the term denotes, in my experience.

  18. "The people most hyperventiliating about "fascism" seem to usually be the ones who know the least about it or what the term denotes, in my experience."

    The ones most likely to sport bumper stickers screeching about fascism are those most likely to support government policies that are, bluntly, fascist.