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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Obama Freaky Friday

I have noted before the tendency of Obama to drop political bombshel's on a Friday just as he was leaving for a trip abroad or vacation, including: November 13, 2009, when the administration announced that lshe trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would take place in NYC; and August 13, 2010, when Obama announced his support for the Corboda Mosque near Ground Zero as he was leaving for vacation.

Yesterday, after an abrupt change earlier in the week in U.S. policy of non-intervention in Libya, Obama held a press conference in which he boldly threatened military action in Libya.  That same day, the CBO released a report showing our deficit to be far worse than the administration had previously acknowledged, with even Democrats complaining about Obama's unwillingness to become active in budget discussions.

The same day Obama harrumphed about military action and the CBO pulled the mask off the budget, Obama took off for Brazil and South America, leaving us to deal the the mess he leaves behind.

Another Obama Freaky Friday.

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  1. Call me Toni Morrison if you must, but I say Obama is our first Rebecca Black President.

  2. I don't mind when Odumbo leaves the country,I just wish he would stay away for good.