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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wisconsin Republican Senator Threatened, Car Window Broken, Nails Scattered On Driveway

The almost non-stop acts of intimidation and threats against Republican Senators and their supporters continues in Wisconsin, with this report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
The office of Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) said the senator has been subjected to damage of personal property and has received threatening statements in the wake of mass protests in recent weeks over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

Kapanke have been unavailable, but an aide to Kapanke says that windows on Kapanke's car were broken in Madison and the senator's wife found nails strewn on the driveway of their home.

According to Rose Smyrski of Kapanke’s staff:

Nails were scattered on his driveway twice last week. The incidents were reported to the La Crosse Police Department.

Also, Kapanke's’s windshield was damaged on March 9 after the Senate voted on the budget-repair bill. Kapanke was advised by Capitol police he would not be able to reach his car parked on the Capitol Square because of protesters. A state trooper moved the car, and when Kapanke went to his car a short time later, he found a hole in the windshield. He drove home to La Crosse. He reported the damage on Wednesday to Capitol police.
Kapanke previously has received death threats:
Sen. Dan Kapanke confirmed Thursday that he is one of several Republican state senators who received an e-mailed death threat.

“It’s pretty disgusting,” Kapanke said.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is investigating recent threats from several sources. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says all threatening messages have been forwarded to Capitol police.

The e-mail said Fitzgerald and his “Republican dictators” must die because of their actions, presumably referring to GOP senators passing a bill removing most public employees’ collective bargaining rights.
Considering that the Wisconsin police union not only has been vocal in opposition to the budget repair bill, but also has itself sought to intimidate businesses, Kapanke must be quite unsettled.

Update:  The threats are not only against Republican Senators, but also against Ann Althouse and her husband.

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  1. Does this fall under the definition of racketeering? Should the feds be involved? Just wondering.

  2. Why should this surprise anyone? When political power become a god, when amassing power becomes the "be all and end all" of an organization's existence, then mayhem and murder will surely follow. The unions, which have become absolutely corrupt with power, are a prime example.

  3. Althouse and Meade have also been threatened. It is out of control and we will end up if not shooting, something close to it. Wisconsin needs your help and support. Thuggery reigns.


  4. Yeah, Professor - what Bill said! Why wouldn't it be racketeering?

  5. Even though this Huffington Post lefty is discovering the sky is blue, give him a lot of credit for saying, "Shame: Ignoring Death Threats to Wisconsin Politicians is Media Bias."

  6. Boy, it's a good thing Obama ushered in this new era of civility. Amirite?

  7. The Anti-American radical far leftwing Liberal Socialist Marxist Public Union Motto is; "If you can't beat'em at the Polls on Election Day, Harass'em, intimidate'em, threaten'em, get physically violent, and beat them up, in the Capitol State House, when they Vote.. and Threaten their lives, and their Families lives.. That will show'em how Anti-American radical Liberal Obamacratic Public Union Thug StormTrooper Democracy works"..

    Hence, the real Title: "Democrats versus Democracy"

    Such vitriolic hate filled animosity and violence, is all to prevalent, inherent, and evidenced, in
    these Anti-American, radical far leftwing Liberal Socialist Marxist obamacratic Politicians and Public Union thugs...

    Look, there's a reason Unions are, and have always been, synonymous with Mob Rule and Thuggery… which is exactly why the Patriotic American People, will, and must, fight them every step of the way, or NO one will ever be safe..

  8. I think it's time for the Wisconsin GOP to ask President Obama, Wisconsin and national Democrat leaders, union leaders and related others to officially condemn this violent behavior. If they refuse to do so, we will finally know what a lot of us have been suspecting all along.

  9. You have to know if they did that to me and I caught them, the police would know where to locate the suspects easily. They would be on the ground in my yard surrounded by a pool of blood.

    A local remote report from the news station would sound like this.

    "When asked what happened by the police the homeowner replied, 'Apparently, it was suicide." The police were surprised by the comment and asked for a more detailed explanation which the homeowner answered, 'It was obvious. Anyone who thinks he can trash my house, vandalize my property must be suffering from a death wish.' Back to you Chet."