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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remember When Following Our Leaders Blindly Was Not Cool?

Spotted in Providence, Rhode Island, a faded memento of a bygone era, when dissent was patriotic, disobeying authority was hip, and leaders were not followed:
"We must behave patriotically, obey authority, and follow our leaders blindly or we will lose our freedom!"

That was then, this is now:

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  1. I wish someone with a scientific background would test my hypothesis about a direct correlation between A) the number of bumper stickers on a car and B)how much of Teh Crazy the car owner has.

    I think there's a Nobel in there somewhere.

  2. "Against Abortion- Then Don't Have One"
    "Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries"

    next to "You Can't Kill for Peace" must mean that it's cool to do, however, for personal convenience or budgetary considerations.

  3. I'd like to snap a pic of a "War is not the Answer" next to "Obama 2008"

  4. Imagine a hypothetical bumper sticker from the 1850s:

    "Against Slavery? Then Don't Own Slaves"

  5. Absolutely right, Recovering Lutheran. Against murder? Then don't kill anyone.

    Somehow these people don't put on stickers that read, "Against taxes? Then don't pay them."

  6. Recovering Lutheran...I love that. And I'm going to use it.

  7. Amazing how that bumpersticker faded from how they think of themselves to reveal how they actually think.