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Friday, March 18, 2011

And On The 21st Day The Intimidation Did Not Rest In Wisconsin

Jim Nolte at Big Goverment has a 20-day account of the threats and intimidation in Wisconsin.

It truly is amazing how little mainstream media coverage this has received.

An old lady raises her voice at a health care town hall, and it is an excuse for hand wringing by the punditry about the lack of civil discourse and the threat of right-wing violence, but the actions by the unions and their supporters in Wisconsin are barely a blip on the radar.

I've said it before.  Get ready for 2012, the mainstream media already is.

Nothing will be blown out of proportion and repeated endlessly if it fits the narrative of dangerous Tea Parties and conservative, while something will be treated as nothing if it would portray Democrats in a bad light.

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  1. "Get ready for 2012, the mainstream media already is. ".... puts us in a defensive posture again.

    Is there NOTHING conservatives can do to pre-empt or neutralize MSM's next wave of attack?

  2. I am afraid. Is this really America still? I fear the worst if Obama loses. I am seriously considering a move to a right to work state, not just for better economic opportunity and lower taxes, but now for safety. I no longer feel that my family is safe here considering our political beliefs. Any recommendations on a good state for an entrepeneurial spirited family to start over?

  3. ella8, Texas. Our unemployment rate continues to drop (now below 8%), we have no state income tax, no tax on groceries, no personal property tax (although people complain about ad valorum taxes), medical services and insurance premiums are cheaper due to tort reform, a state sales tax @ 6.25%, we have a filibuster proof Republican Congress, and a governor who supports both the Second and Tenth Amendments. There is a downside, it does get hot here in the summer, but we don't deal with snow (you can get to work when it's hot). Oh, and housing prices have remained stable with just a couple of cities suffering from equity loss in housing.

    But a good call on the part of our beloved professor. The Wisconsin disgrace is NOT about unions, workers "rights", or teachers being thrown into the streets by a evil governor. It is ALL about 2012, and the fact that the unions, and the far left groups like DSA and CPUSA just knew that the nation had finally elected a man who would bring about their dreams of a socialist utopia.

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the ballot box in November, 2010. And the MSM no longer has a lock on reporting the news. Blogs, like this one, are taking over (look at the NYSlimes readership) and the word is getting out that we don't have a leader of the free world, we have Pinnochio on the Potomac. And those union leaders, along with the far left, have smelled the coffee and are beginning to panic. 2012 is no longer a sure thing.

    Incompetence can be hiden for only so long. We are watching gas prices rise, groceries get more expensive, job losses continue, job gains are weak, the Middle East is blowing up and in spite of all of this, Pinnochio goes golfing and attends $38,000/plate benefits in Harlem. And then, it's on to Rio for a little R & R.

    So we all need to gear up; the unions are in a panic, the far left is in a panic, and they are going to do all they can to continue their practice of public servants being nothing but self servants.

    I think it will get really nasty before it is all over.

  4. "Is there NOTHING conservatives can do to pre-empt or neutralize MSM's next wave of attack?"

    "I am afraid. Is this really America still?"

    hey hey HEY! Newsflash: we're winning. Anyone who is waiting for some kind of validation or confirmation from the MSM is setting themselves up for permanent disappointment. They will *never* be anything but hostile and contemptuous towards conservatives on their ideas.

    We won the last election by historic proportions, and I don't care how many polls these goons in the MSM push, or how they document every set-back, real or perceived, in exquisite detail, they cannot take from us what they did not grant us.

    The riots and all the extremism and the shrieking by the MSM that you see and hear is the left's world crumbling about their feet. They are ruined. The next phase will be just as difficult as the last phase which resulted in the stunning electoral victories in November, but the promise of 2012 is just as bright. Let's roll up our sleeves and begin.

  5. Ella, I'm relocating to Idaho. California is gone...

  6. I grew up in Wisconsin and was politically active there in the 70's, 80's and 90's. This childlike left wing behavior and these outrageous tactics are nothing new.

    Madison, Wisconsin is the Berkeley of the Midwest. Indeed, I would go as far as to say Berkeley is the Madison of the Left Coast.

    Turn over the rock that covers Madison and all manner of Leftist-Marxist vermin will appear.

    Tammy Baldwin, who represents Madison in Congress, is typical. (http://discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1319)

    For 25 years Ms. Baldwin has worked to turn Madison into Little Havana and Wisconsin into Little Cuba. If not for the heroic efforts of Conservatives like James Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan from rural Wisconsin and suburbs of Milwaukee, she would have totally succeeded.

    In Wisconsin the battle between progressives and conservatives is a blood sport. Always has been. Those who survive the battle are among the best (or worse) of their breed.

    The work of Tammy Baldwin and her fellow socialists in Madison is why Scott Walker has his work cut out for him.

    I feel like a Cuban refugee living in south Florida. I love Wisconsin. But the taxes are punative and the political atmosphere is toxic. I can no longer afford to live there.

  7. You can't really blame the lefty media for BBBB (being biased beyond belief).

    Being liberal is a mental illness (or perhaps just an arrested state of emotional and intellectual development). In other news, the sky is blue.

  8. When the left said that their pushback to reasonable public union benefit reform would resemble demonstrations in the Arab world, I had no idea they meant the ones regarding the danish cartoons.