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Monday, March 21, 2011

How Stalinist Of Them

Ann Althouse, in response to her spouse Meade being banned at Lawyers Guns & Money blog, writes Candyass move of all time: Lawyers Guns & Money bans Meade!:
The little professor Robert Farley couldn't face the challenge Meade made to his (truly lame) post "On Libya" (which I blogged about yesterday).

Imagine not wanting the brilliant, good-humored Meade as a commenter! Here's Farley's last ouch:

Bye, Meade. When the idiocy gets so thick I feel almost compelled to respond, it’s time for you to leave.

Ha. Meade wrote something that demanded a response, and Farley wasn't up to it. The professor had one last oomph of potency: He could oust Meade and delete all his old comments. Incredibly lame. Embarrassing. But apparently not as embarrassing as the inability to deal with a challenge to the scribblings you'd like to believe are so smart and so righteous.
I'm no fan of LGM, I find them to be childish and petty (with the exception of Paul Campos), pretty much what you would expect from leftist academics who have never accomplished anything substantial and who view blogging as a way to make a name for themselves.

That said, I'm not sure I can get very outraged over the ban of Meade, because the line between troll and commenter not always is clear; I err on the side of bloggers being able to control their own territory. 

But I do think Althouse nails it on the issue of deleting comments.  Apparently, LGM not only banned Meade, they went back and deleted all his prior comments.  Althouse points out that the comments still exist in Google cache:
There's lots of good stuff in there. You can see what La Petite Farlette and his partner Scott "Kitty" Le Mew were afraid of.
Going back and deleting comments even after other readers had responded to those comments?

How Stalinist of them.

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  1. Next they should delete all the comments where they refer to you as Colonel Mustard. I mean really, who mocks a person simply for writing a series of blog posts trying to gin up controversy over the President's choice of condiments?

  2. Simultaneously deleted any integrity they might've had. Of course, I'm sure integrity doesn't mean much to their audience.

  3. i gotta respectfully disagree with ann. the most candyass thing of all time is calling the libyan operation "Odyssey Dawn." barf.

  4. Wow, Professor, thank you for helping me waste an hour of my time! I read the comments section on both LGM and then on Althouse's blog - are these people for real?

    I'm so grateful I skipped college and went straight to life! Probably saved me a lot of headaches!

  5. I don't think I remember what Stalin's policies were on blog comment moderation, maybe I could use a refresher.