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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bus Bombing in Jerusalem

Reports are just filtering in of a bus bombing in Jerusalem.  I'll update as casualties and other information is reported.

This is not surprising.  Hamas several days ago launched dozens of mortars against Israel leading to a round of retaliation, and the Israeli Fogel family was murdered last week as they slept.  This is part of a coordinated effort to step up terror.  The anti-Israel U.N. resolution, which the U.S. very reluctantly vetoed, reflects a decision throughout the Palestinian factions, to increase conflict with Israel.

When you hear the usual suspects try to portray the bus bombing as a response to the death of four civilians in Gaza, keep in mind this report from the NY Times about how Gaza militants were firing mortars from the area in which the civilians died:
Relatives and neighbors [in Gaza] were unusually open about the fact that the Israeli mortar attack was an attempt to hit militants firing rockets from the nearby grove.

“We heard the sound of four mortars being fired by militants from a grove just beyond our house,” said Hassan, the older brother of Mohammed Harrara. “A few minutes later, the Israeli shells landed in the area.”
Updates:  Israel Matzav is live blogging the events.

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  1. Iranian and allied Syrian, Libyan regime interests could very well be behind the current atrocities, designed to provoke Israeli response and refocus unrest in their own countries outward against the Jewish state.
    With revolt in the air, Muslim autocrats desperately need their roused people to hate Israelis more than they hate them to give them time to tamp down dissent, disappear the dissenters.

    Scapegoating the Jews always worked before. If I were Israel, I'd bide my time, and/or take covert, discreet, deniable retaliatory measures for the time being and give the anti-Assad-Admedinutjob-Khadafi movements some space.

  2. I wonder if the hygienically-challenged are dancing to this news today?

    Imagine having to worry every time you want to board a bus or visit a cafe or disco, or put your children to bed at night ...

    What say you, U.N.?