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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strange Days - DailyKos Takes On A Martial Look

The KosKids must be experiencing cognitive dissonance, because the DailyKos last night took on an almost martial appearance:

I wonder if this is change they can believe in.

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  1. because their guy is in office, that's the only reason.

  2. This is different from Iraq how? Oh yeah the lunatic in Iraq was using chemical weapons to racially cleanse his opposition which is much better than bombing opposition forces. I can totally see why we should get involved here, and how the other fight was all about oil... [/sarc]

  3. "I wonder if this is change they can believe in."

    Well of course they can. This is an "intervention" of the humanitarian type, not war as in bombing things and killing people.

    Oh, wait..

  4. It is perfect: their guy, day late, dollar short, they didn't act first, gives Obama yet another distraction and helps the EU avoid (more) waves of refugees.

  5. JP, it's an intervention where the US has no vital interests at stake, just like Bosnia under Clinton. Leftists love getting our troops killed for the non-benefit of the country.

  6. The left's principles are more flexible than a boneless contortionist.

  7. Look for Code Pink members to announce they need to go on a much needed sabbatical and rest period due to day in and day out protesting against Imperialist America. Also look for them to return the day after suspension of actions in Libya and appear to be unaware of Obama's course of action. Rested and re-infused with determination they will redouble their efforts to stop American Imperialism in support of the Revolution.