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Friday, March 25, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Integrity Center

In addition to the central donation site linked in a prior post, Wisconsin Republicans have set up The Recall Integrity Center (h/t Chris Cillizza):
The Recall Integrity Center provides an outlet for those who have been unfairly targeted by the far left.

Please submit videos, recordings, and incident reports documenting the Radical Strong Armed Tactics of the Far Left, Big Labor, and Organizing for America, so we can ensure they are held accountable to the communities they are working so hard to destroy.
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  1. I assume the WI Supremes will not make any type decision on the Collective Bargain Law in the near future?

    Delay, delay, delay. Works for them to the detriment of WI voters. Oh well, I live in Georgia and will suffer no ill effects.

    Too bad the Unionistas seem to have won another round. Wasn't the bill supposed to have been published today?

  2. Get the bill written, published, and signed into law and a check in support will be forthcoming.

    No, not a check but an on-line immediate donation to support the WI Republicans.

  3. If this law takes effect Monday, as noted somewhere in this blog, I will make the donation as promised.

    Hope springs eternal.

  4. @Chuck - the Gov says it take effect tomorrow. We will require to see your receipt.

  5. Does today's publication of the bill render moot the litigation now pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

  6. You'll get it William. I live in Georgia but have been following this story and your blog throughout.

    Great job you've been doing.

  7. That is a great site. I'll be linking it later.