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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wisconsin County Chair: Unions don't care "as long as they got theirs"

That statement about public employee union attitudes towards government fiscal health resulted in a county board chairman in Wisconsin being forced to step down (via JSOnline):
Charles Rayala's resignation as Vilas County board chairman was made official at Tuesday's monthly board meeting - a decision he made as a result of his recent comments that aired on Rhinelander and Eagle River radio stations.

He was quoted on-air as saying certain people don't care about the county or state "as long as they got theirs."

The comments that reflected his personal views about public employee unions were seen as directed at county employees, though Rayala later stated in an apology that was not the case.

In an interview with WRJO 94.5 FM radio station that aired March 3, Rayala said, "they've got theirs," when stating his opinion about public employee unions. He will continue on the board as supervisor for the third district, which includes parts of Boulder Junction, Manitowish Waters and Arbor Vitae.
Rayala insisted he was not criticizing public employees, only the unions:
After the broadcast aired, Rayala tried to clarify his comments by saying they were directed toward state and teacher unions and not county employees and that they were taken out of context. But, he added, that he decided to resign to avoid having a “big brouhaha.”
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1 comment:

  1. I'm confused, aren't public employee unions made up of public employees? I think the sentiment accurately reflects unions and the employees that are in them. As we've seen in the protests they are all about what is in it for them. Seems like a non-appology issue to me.