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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HuffPo Confirms - Scott Walker Not A Political Chameleon

Sam Stein of HuffPo has important, breaking news:  Scott Walker has not changed since he ran for student body President in 1988 at Marquette -- Walker took on the crowds and the newspaper editors then, just as he does now:
Several days removed from the budget battle that roiled Wisconsin over the course of three weeks, Gov. Scott Walker (R) stands out from the major players as a politician who seems unconcerned with being pitted against the protesting masses.

That appears to have been the case for more than a few years. A Democratic source in Wisconsin sends over a newspaper clip and a campaign brochure detailing Walker’s run for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University during his sophomore year in 1988.

Walker never attained a degree from Marquette, but his presidential campaign left an imprint. On the eve of the election, he and his allies distributed copies of a brochure that contrasted Scott’s style of leadership with the rabble-rousing, protest-leading, vague idealism of his opponent.

“Scott knows that student protests and sit-ins are poor substitutes for effective leadership and reasoned argument,” the brochure reads. “In contrast, his opponent has publicly encouraged much demonstration and has tried to lead several ineffective protests of his own.”
Then, as now, unproven accusations (in 1988 that Walker supporters confiscated copies of the student newspaper) were made against Walker, much as Walker's opponents now falsely accuse him of being a "Koch whore."  Walker is impervious to the name calling and attempts at intimidation.

Walker does what he thinks is right, disregards the mobs, and contrasts his own rational style of governance with the emotional harangues of his opponents.

Walker is sounding better by the day.

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  1. This is slightly off topic, but is in followup to the "Wisconsin tractor brigade" post from earlier this week:

    Protest ride in Madison could be trouble for dairy farmer

    Oh well, at least he is a real farmer, albeit a "dumb" one.

  2. It's politicians like Walker that have me somewhat optimistic about our future. I don't know if the Tea Party backed him, but it seems that quite a few that they have backed, so far, are doing the kind of job we elected them for. Time will tell.

  3. Then there's this: Police and firefighter unions demand businesses publicly oppose Wisconsin governor. http://radioviceonline.com/police-and-firefighter-unions-demand-businesses-publicly-oppose-wisconsin-governor/

  4. The TEA parties in Wisconsin STRONGLY backed Walker. I had the opportunity to talk to him one-on-one at an event in Milwaukee. This guy is a true leader. He is less inspirational in his speaking than Reagan, but his actions are Reagan-esque. We will win. We will re-elect a Conservative judge to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, we will win the recalls and we will defeat the Democrats and RINOs at every turn.

    No, you can't have him for President....at least not yet.

  5. Walker is on tape letting on that he was disingenuous w.r.t. his negotiations; his desire to mislead (trick) the Dem Senators; his consideration of planting troublemakers in the crowd; spending 20 minutes taking a call from someone because they had been a generous campaign donor; and having been made to look like a fool. is a leader just the proper 'fight' -- never mind integrity?