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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have refrained from using that word so far, but the conduct of this mob towards one of Wisconsin's Republican State Senators who was trying to enter the Capitol building is a reflection of a lawless mentality which has been rampant in Madison, and aided and abetted by some members the police unions.

Kudos to the Democratic legislator who intervened to protect the Senator from the crowd and to keep the peace until Capitol police could rescue him.

(h/t to reader James)(source)

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  1. Why wait? Call a thug a thug.

  2. The protesters were following the example of their union-shirted Democrat Assembly members.

  3. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured here. I for one will hold President Obama personally responsible!

  4. It's amazing that so many have SO MUCH TIME to spend standing around idle. I was taught that if I had free time I could get a second job to earn money for my family. Oh, wait, we taxpayers are supposed to be working to fill the pockets, the savings accounts and cover the insurance costs of these protesters.

    Sounds so wacky it should be a story in a major metropolitan newspaper, right? Governor Walker should not yield to the protests, the citizens demanded change and demanded that the chains be loosened from around their wallets last november. Stick to it, Mr. Governor!

  5. Sometimes ya just want to punch a hippie

  6. Right out of "Monty Python". I mean what kind of protesters chant "Peaceful protest! Peaceful protest!"?

    "Brought to you by Generic Ice Cream, the ice cream recommended by 4 out of 5 average clueless people who don't know why they buy ice cream."

  7. Isn't there some minimum distance they have to be to prevent obstructing walkways and fire exits? Also why are there so many South Africa soccer fans playing their plastic horns. Its just as annoying as I remember from world cup.

  8. Not sure if you saw this one, but here's a union thug with a real serious assault that happened in Atlanta. It's starting to make it's way around, but they seem to be picking up a copy with really horrible audio.



    And here's a good shot of the cop refusing to detain him:


  9. The mob chanting at the Republican on his way into the WI statehouse wasn't a bunch of thugs, just an angry mob. Angry because they feel powerless. Many people who support them also feel powerless. Like the 'tea party' people have felt powerless. The real issue is who has the power? It isn't teachers. Haven't you seen the growth in income disparity charts? The cost of the Bush tax cuts? The disgusting bonuses paid out by companies we bailed out? One reported to be $5B? Regular democrats (and there and tens of millions of them) are concerned by a regressive income tax, concentrations of wealth (and so power), consolidated media, and an apparent commitment by Republicans to sustain and even widen this income disparity. You don’t think there’s anything to these concerns?

    I’ve seen some posts on this blog claiming that democrats don’t work and are ‘on the dole.’ That’s just silly (or ignorant).

    I read the linked content on Gupta and Raj...good that they were caught. I hope the money is recovered. I knew Gupta had donated to the Clinton library. Never did like that.

  10. I love the term "regressive income tax". The "laurie definition" of that is when everyone pays the same percentage of their income. See, in "laurie world", everyone is entitled, just some are more entitled than others.

    No,laurie. Thugs is what they are. Imagine yourself in his position. Thugs and bullies. You side doesn't like bullies, remember? And powerless? For most of my lifetime the progressives (both parties) have held sway. Academia and the media are full of them, telling us we are racist, sexist, homophobic and make too much money. They tell us how much smarter they are, but rather than debate the issue, call us names. "The science is settled, the debate is over" when there was never a debate (or science, IMHO) at all.

    No, laurie. You missed where the power really resides. We are just trying to even things up a little.

  11. No kudos for the sheriff's deputies who're supposed to provide security for the capitol.

    Sheriff Mahoney (a Democrat) pulled the deputies.

    Mahoney said.

    "When asked to stand guard at the doors that duty was turned over to the Wisconsin State Patrol because our deputies would not stand and be palace guards," Mahoney said. "I refused to put deputy sheriffs in a position to be palace guards."

    What a putz. Unfortunately he just won re-election so it'll be awhile before folks can remove him.


    I never understood Walker's leaving the Fire and Police unions out of the bargaining rights fight. Maybe he realized he couldn't do both as the cops and firemen can be twice as vicious as the regular gov't. workers and because of the work they do can be more dangerous if they decide to strike.

    Just another reason pointing out why unions shouldn't be allowed in gov't.

  12. Gimme a T, Gimme a H, Gimme a U, Gimme a G, Gimme a S... What does it spell. THUGS

  13. "You don’t think there’s anything to these concerns?"

    Greed, envy, and sloth. Beyond that, I don't see much worth to them.

  14. jeffrey C., also Ugh St.?

    One block north of Sesame, by the looks of it.

  15. Thanks Deekaman. I remember in 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' reading that everyone loves the sound of their own name. Well, Deekaman, I am flattered! You said mine three times, and to great condescending effect, but Deekaman, you did this while ranting about condescenion. I am not calling you names (other than your own), I want to understand how 'your side' sees things with some depth.

    Instead of talking about entitlements, it might me more productive to talk about earned vs. unearned income. Just for the sake of mutual understanding.

    Thanks Deek.