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Monday, March 14, 2011

My First Media Matters Post

Or should I say, the first Media Matters post about me. regarding my post, The Great Tractorcade That Wasn't.

And written by none other than the lead blogger there, Eric Boehlert: Right-wing Blogger Doesn't Know What "Brigade" Means.

Doesn't Media Matters, with all its new Soros money, have anything better to do than take my posts out of context?

How about reviving TeaPartyTracker.org? Or figuring out how to blame the Israel Lobby for the Japanese nuclear meltdown? Or organizing some grassroots? Or teaching Fox News a lesson by buying ad time on Fox News? Or demanding vacation coverage fairness? Or worrying about the definition of "just barely"?

(no need to answer, these are rhetorical questions)

It's not like the plan is working that well for the folks at Media Matters.  What is that saying about repeating something that doesn't work?

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  1. Congrats on the MMFA post, welcome to the club

  2. Alinsky rules in action; my paraphrase: smear what you fear. The must really, REALLY fear you. Congratulations!

  3. It's a shame for all these morons link me it never drives any traffic, making them even more useless.

  4. With an Army of Davids we can squash a battalion of bugs like boehlert, even if he represents an entire division of media mutters... He's just another product of the public education system with delusions of adequacy.

  5. I still say 30 to 60 tractors is not a heck of a lot.
    You never know where these tractors came from, for that matter. Maybe a craigslist ad?

  6. Obviously, the New York Times was using the term "brigade" from the template they are used to--Soviet workers' brigades (http://www.jstor.org/pss/151878).

    No wonder Media Matters defended the word choice!

  7. Eeeh.... 30 to sixty tractors is a lot, if it's in a hometown parade or something.

    As a sign of a mass-movement, not so much; my folks manage a farm that has a total of three full time employees, and they've got six or ten, depending on how you count them. (A farmer would say six, but my husband-- a city kid-- would say ten, counting the swathers.)

    I can't find a lot of pictures, but the one's I've seen include a lot of collector's items. (not a bad thing, just suggests hobby farmers with too much money, rather than actual 'family farms'-- it's possible they just chose the prettiest tractors)

    Could easily get that many tractors from the valley I grew up in, and hobby farms tend to be highly dependent on grants and gov't programs.
    (Our jr/sr high school had a total of 400 students, so I'm not impressed.)

  8. Well, what else are they gonna talk about, what a great job the Light-headed One is doing? Even Moochelle couldn't write that without laughing (or vomiting, perhaps both) any more.

  9. Bill Bill Bill, don't you realize that taking your posts out of context is what he is paid for?

  10. Wow - they sure seem to go to a lot of trouble to avoid reporting that the 35-50 tractor participation was pathetic. Feel certain though that if you had used the term 'brigade' to describe 50 tea partiers they would have attacked you using the military def.

    Smear what you fear indeed.

  11. The substance of your argument is that a turnout of 30-60 tractors appears to be a disappointingly weak demonstration of farmer solidarity given the hype surrounding it.

    How does Boehlert's post refute that?

    Oh, that's right, he's on the Left so he doesn't have to address the the actual substance of your argument. All he has to do is come off as a smug, condescending twit. Mission accomplished, Eric Boehlert!

  12. Free advertising for your blog. I find it amusing that the liberals make their enemies more popular. They hate Palin, but they know more about her than she probably even knows about herself. They hate the tea party and complain that it got more coverage than the Union protests, yet they were the ones driving the coverage of the tea party.

  13. I know a guy with 20 tractors himself. They're mostly old Ford beasts, and he has each one hooked up to a different implement. He paid $500-$2K for each tractor, and now he never has to "waste time" switching out his plowing discs for bale trailer. My friend is not a rich man, either. If he alone could supply a third of the tractorcade, I have a hard time taking the "60" figure seriously. Astroturf, without a doubt.

  14. I love the fact that they're making fun of you for taking the word 'brigade' seriously... and their defense is that the word 'brigade' can mean any group of any size at all.

    As in: I had a brigade of dinner guests the other night. My folks came (2), plus my wife's best friend with her husband and daughter (3); total, 5.

    (That's a brigade? Heck, my wife and kids outnumbered them.)

    I suppose they meant in the sense of "bucket brigade", which isn't limited by numbers. But the original text, "trundling around in a brigade of tractors", seems clearly to me to indicate strength in numbers. (I guess it all depends on what your definition of 'brigade' is.)

    So, does Media Matters have a brigade of readers? And if so, should I be impressed? Just wondering.

  15. Give them credit for trying to fight up ... but they lack the intellectual reach. Stay in your featherweight weight class, meanie media mutterers.

  16. Between the Light-Headed one (love that) and MediaMutters, is Sore@ss getting his money's worth? He leads a brigade of clowns.

  17. Consider this a badge of honor, they attacked me for a Daily Caller piece I wrote too, I even have a 'tag' at Media Matters -- one of my biggest accomplishments on the net.

  18. Professor, as a precaution, I would open up any sliding glass doors you have in case Spencer Ackerman shows up on one of his fantasy macho sprees.

  19. Congrats!

    And as one commenter said: "The protests this past week must have received something like 1/1000 of the coverage of the Baggers in '09. A pretty pathetic job put in by our liberal MSM."

    I loved how they pretty much validate the belief that the MSM is liberal. "our liberal MSM" Nice...

    Media Matters had best be careful who they link too. Once the people taste the truth, they may not want to go back eating the crap cakes that are served by Media Matters.

  20. Look at it this way, if Soros wasn't funding Media Matters, et al., he might be doing real damage with the money.

  21. I would wear it like a badge of honor. You've obviously earned the attention of the Soros propaganda machine.

  22. Local PM opinion-guy reports that the tractor driver has several DUI convictions. But in Wisconsin, you don't need a driver's license to operate a tractor, I guess.

    See: http://wcca.wicourts.gov/pager.do;jsessionid=F3EC1A59A9BA1B8F64DC83F40CDB1C41.render6?cacheId=259D149FF5B9AC7B07740DF101F5B216&offset=0&sortColumn=0&sortDirection=DESC


  23. Yay! You know, every time a Soros minion tries to smear a conservative, an angel gets its wings.

  24. Let's see 50-60 tractors rushing the beaches in Normandy - wiped out in seconds.

  25. If Media Mutters is going to get picky about definitions, are they aware that a "bagger" is "a workman employed to pack things into containers"? Why are they so uptight about folks who pack things efficiently? Perhaps they were referring, instead, to the machines that pack things into containers. I didn't realize that this matter was deserving of such media attention. Cheers for the unsung worker machines! Or maybe "bagger" refers to "Bagger Vance", a hyped movie that did not live up to expectations.

    Someone should tell those earnest MM bloggers to be more careful with their confusing terminology.