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Friday, January 8, 2010

Why Don't We Just Move To Casablanca

I posted some time ago about a study by an MIT health economist, Jonathan Gruber, on the supposed cost savings of the Senate health bill, Are Our Liberties Worth Only $200-$500?. Even to my non-mathematical mind, Gruber's analysis was shoddy:
Gruber has based his projections and theory on underlying assumptions and analysis to which he not only does not have access, but which themselves are full of caveats. And all of these caveats will be ignored as Democrats trumpet Gruber's report.
Turns out that Gruber is paid $300,000 per year by the Obama administration to consult on health care issues, as disclosed by Meghan McCardle:

He shows up in the work of the left-half of the health care commentariat so often that if I tried to round up representative cites, this piece would be published sometime next month, and you'd die of old age before you made your way through it.

But he probably wouldn't have been cited with quite the same authority--particularly by mainstream media--if he'd been more upfront about the fact that he's being paid almost $300,000 by the Obama Administration for "special studies and analysis" of the health care bills, as a blogger on Firedoglake revealed last night. Ben Smith has the rundown; apparently most of the health care beat reporters were as unaware of the relationship as I was.

Why don't we just all move to Casablanca already, so I don't have to keep on going with my "I'm shocked to find..." blog post allusions.

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1 comment:

  1. And now I really want to go watch Casablanca again lol. Great allusion, Professor.