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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr. Krugman, Stop The Name Calling

Please, Mr. Krugman, stop all the name calling directed at our President and those who work for him, Cossack Rahm Works For The Czar:

But don’t blame Rahm Emanuel; this is about the president. After Massachusetts, Democrats were looking for leadership; they didn’t get it. Ten days later, nobody is sure what Obama intends to do, and his aides are giving conflicting readings. It’s as if Obama checked out.

Look, Obama is a terrific speaker and a very smart guy. He really showed up the Republicans in the now-famous give-and-take. But we knew that. What’s now in question isn’t his ability to talk, it’s his ability to lead.

Let's follow Krugman's line of thought. Obama is a Czar. The last of the Czars was executed along with his family. Is Krugman trying to incite violence against Obama, Michelle and the kids?

Also, the Cossacks killed Jews. Rahm Emanuel is a Jew. How insenstive. What is the subtext here?

This type of speech has to stop, or else:
What will the consequences be? Nobody knows, of course...
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  1. Krugman did make a clever observation. " In question is not his ability to speak but his ability to lead". We all knew Obama was a great speaker who is forever campaigning but his record lacked any signs of leadership.

  2. Krugman as always continues to push his own Marxist agenda