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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How About A Shout-Out To The People of Venezuela?

There still is time to input new text into the teleprompter for tonight's State of the Union address.

After throwing the Venezuelan people under the bus at the Summit of the Americas last April, now would be a good time for Barack Obama to give the people of Venezuela support as Hugo Chavez destroys the last vestiges of freedom of the press and students are dying in the streets in protest.

Fausta's Blog has more links and a round up.

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  1. What, and diss his buddy Chavez?

  2. He doesn't care. Our president doesn't care about democracy, about freedom, about anything but himself and his powerful friends. Protestors died in Iran, we did nothing to bolster them. Honduras? We tried our damndest to keep a Chavez clone in office down there, by bullying the freedom loving people there, who got rid of the dictator legally, not that Obama gave a damn.

    It's a pattern.

    Haiti? It SHOULD be what Katrina was to Bush, but no one seems to care that it was a lackluster American response in Haiti that has held back care from dying Haitians, to the point where the French are, for once, correct that we are the problem.

    It's all of a pattern. OBAMA DOESN"T CARE. He sides with dictators and the opressors, not the opressed. He is a disgusting piece-of-work, and all rationalizations that make him out to be merely incompetent are WRONG. He is incompetent, but more importantly, he is a sociopath that care very little if at all for anyone else.

  3. Supposedly the reason the cable channels were shut down is because they didn't broadcast a speech by Chavez. As required by Law.

    Think this might give Obama an idea about what to do about Fox News?

    It won't be so blaent but Fox is going to have to be made to pay for their treason toward Obama in some way.

    Just wait for it.

    Papa Ray