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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did NRSC Play A Masterful Hand?

If this is true, I may owe the NRSC an apology:
In mid-December, the National Republican Senatorial Committee conducted a poll that showed Brown trailing by only 13 points, but it kept the results to itself. Coakley continued operating on the assumption that for all intents and purposes she had won the seat with the Dec. 8 primary, a common assumption in the state known as the bluest of the blue.
I previously criticized the NRSC for failing to fund Brown's campaign. If it simply was playing its cards close to the vest, fearful that putting money in would wake up the Democrats too early, then NRSC played a masterful hand. Which would make the December storyline that Brown was on his own without GOP support a masterful ruse.

If it's true.

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  1. Well, since we're making apologies now, let me apologize for my awful prediction of two weeks ago (via email). Brown has surged masterfully at just the right time but I never thought Coakley would implode so badly.

    I went to a campaign stop in Holyoke this morning and shook Brown's hand. I'm going to try to post pics and/or videos if I can figure out my new camera.

    Brown's going to win this thing. He really is.

  2. On other thing, on my round trip to and from the rally, here's the count of signs:

    Scott Brown - at least 15, probably 20
    Alan Khazai - 2
    Martha Coakley - 1 and it was outside a union hall on Route 5, so they HAD to put it up.

  3. Wow, to think that they may have been strategizing . . . just wow.

  4. Sorry, this is a little far-fetched.
    If not for your criticism of the NRSC, I would have remained a passive spectator with the assumption that the GOP political machine will take care of Scott Brown. It did not... which is why we were compelled to intervene.

    I would NOT have made the financial sacrifices last few weeks to fund a candidate that I only just learned about here...at a blog...

    Do we need to 'apologize' also because we share your criticism of a a self-defeating organization?

    The first shot heard around the world wasn't fired by the NRSC. It was by us.

  5. I think 'ThomasN' has it right.   This WashPost piece is more Pravda than reality, me thinks?

  6. Something motivated Brown to believe he could raise the money to make it a competitive race. Maybe it was NRSC polling data. Or maybe is was just pure political instinct. But something told him that if he ran a clean, positive campaign positioned as a populist independent (despite the "R" next to his name) he had a chance of winning.

    Why else would he be willing to tour the state in the dead of winter shaking hands, kissing babies, and attending numerous rallies if he really believed he was a 30 point underdog with virtually no chance of winning?

  7. A masterful hand indeed. Because they have succeeded in calling out the dirty tricks and goons squads, and they have made this a referendum on Obama himself. Beautifully done, if true.

    It's that she has stated that she will be one of those who blindly backs his agenda - that she will vote for bills she hasn't read, will march in lockstep, will be the good little partisan animal.

    The situation really is a referendum on Obama, Pelosi and Reid, more than even Coakley herself. It isn't her own transgressions, her own bad decisions that is killing her, it is her complicity, entered into willingly, even though she was not a supporter of his, and should know better. IMO

  8. I am not sure that they played a masterful hand, but they did get burned with their support for the Scuzzbucket.

  9. Well I think its true. Brown was interviewed by the guy that does the Campaign Spot a couple of weeks ago.

    He said the National GOP gave him everor. This was mostly in technology and communication equipment and similar esources. Have no doubt there internal polling Statewide was being given to him. A smart move and it again was quiet.

    THE NRA has spent money too. They just did it quietly so not to alert the gun control forces

  10. NRSC Master Stroke? Even baseball pitchers get a hit once in a while. My broken clock has a master stroke twice a day.