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Monday, January 18, 2010

Bloggers In Pajamas Scooped Again By Big Media

CNN Audience Interaction Producer Eric Kuhn is all over this election, a step ahead of the rest of us, GOP candidate dominates social networking in Massachusetts:

On the eve of the Massachusetts special election Tuesday to replace the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, the Republican candidate has dramatically more followers on social networks than the Democratic candidate.

As of Monday morning, Republican Scott Brown has 76,538 fans on his Facebook page. With polls opening in less than 24 hours, Democrat Martha Coakley has 14,441 fans.

On Twitter, Brown has 10,187 followers compared to Coakley's 3,514 followers. The total uploaded views for Brown's YouTube videos are 578,271 versus 51,173 for Coakley.

Michael Calderone at Politico is not far behind:
On the eve of voting in Massachusetts, CNN's Eric Kuhn notes that Republican Scott Brown's campaign has been effectively tapping into new media, and now has "dramatically more followers on social networks" than Democrat Martha Coakley.
Damn, these guys are good.

Big media has nothing to fear from a bunch of bloggers sitting at their computers in pajamas instead of working, who never would have thought to track social media as a reflection of the underlying momentum in the election.

Update: Thanks to a reader for pointing out that HuffPo, the new media giant, is on the case also, as usual a step ahead of the solo guys and gals who use free blog software, like Blogspot, because it's free and it doesn't cost anything either, Coakley v Brown: The Social Media Divide May Decide Election.

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  1. It was nice of them to update it for you. You have them working for you now. Cheaper than an intern.

  2. Big Media, a day late and a dollar short once again.

    Nice work, Professor!

  3. HuffPost had a story about this today too:


  4. If satire smelled like a gin martini, we'd all be reaching for the olives.

  5. I think your blog has been important in this race. Thanks for your work. I know (based on your reason for starting this blog) that this isn't your main job, nor are you doing this for money.

  6. Bill, they must think they stole it "fair and square." You are apparently not worthy in their eyes.

    So, they took your idea, dubbed in a little re-mix (along with their name) and presto!

    And no "hat tip."

    They're cribbers!

  7. Well writ. Scott Brown is re-writing a great many poli-sci texts, even as we speak.

  8. They may have caught up to you pajamas bloggers but they'll never catch those of us who work in our underwear!

  9. One word describes Martha Coakley: Loser.

  10. Intrade now has Coakley at 24, Brown at 79. What a difference a week makes. (A week ago those numbers were reversed.) Only a miracle or grand larceny can win it for Coakley.

  11. Wow. They should have seen all the Facebook and MySpace friends that Ron Paul had during the primaries.

  12. I wrote the Huffington Post article. Although I am a solo guy in jeans (not pajamas) hoping never to have a real job again.

    My idea was original in my mind (I write and speak about social media marketing full time). However I should have done a Google search to see if anyone else (you) had written on this first.

    Now I'm wondering -- did CNN and Politico see my stuff and then write theirs?

  13. @Trochilus - just responded to your tweet. Would have done so quicker but you did not use my twitter ID so I didn't see it till now.

  14. All I know is I almost cannot drag myself away from Facebook, and all the conservatives are just on fire. I almost can't read my blogs anymore - with a few exceptions FB is way ahead of everyone! I've never seen anything like it. And EVERYONE has the Scott Brown sign for their pics.

  15. So what?

    Dead voters and cows don't tweet, SEIU goons probably can't spell computer, homeless and illegals probably don't want to call attention to themselves with twitter and facebook accounts, and if each of those who do follow Coakley take Ed Schultz advice and vote 20 times (yes, instead of apologizing, he doubled down), then Brown's e-advantage disappears.

    Malkin reports that a dem activist (whom she names and quotes) has been seen today handing out absentee ballots printed in Spanish, and showing people who take them how to vote for Coakley, despite the deadline for requesting absentee ballots being Jan 15th.

    And that's before, if Brown wins, the multiple recounts that keep finding more democrat votes only.

    Watch for it.