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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama's Strange Video for Coakley

Obama's campaign organization has released a 2-minute video in support of Martha Coakley (via Politico).

The video is very strange. It is way too long for a television commercial, although the Coakley campaign could edit it. If Obama really wanted to put himself on the line for Coakley, he would have appeared in person or at least cut explicit television ads.

The video also is fairly downbeat. There is nothing about Obama's tone which resembles his campaign speeches, either for himself or for others. He seems almost lethargic and disinterested.

The video also is all about Obama and his agenda. Coakley is the means to achieve Obama's vision, and Coakley almost is an aside.

To the extent Obama makes a point about the health care agenda, I'm not sure the video helps. The people who are motivated to vote are those who oppose Obamacare, not those who support the monstrous, ideologically compromised Senate bill.

Maybe the lackadaisical nature of the video is purposeful. Obama is voting present. Obama can say he supported Coakley, without actually having supported Coakley if she loses.

(h/t to a commenter)

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  1. Gotta say, it´s also kinda fun to watch his eyes scan the prompter throughout the whole thing. Anymore, they probably have him do that for authenticity, I guess.

    I think you nailed it with the 'voting present' though.

  2. This last year has given me swiss cheese brain.

    Maybe Obama wants Coakley to lose so that "the 41st vote" will kill healthcare. Then he can blame the death of healthcare on Republicans and start the whole "Republicans live in the dark ages and just want to say NO" meme for this fall's elections.

    Maybe he hates what the healthcare bill has become and the fact that it has killed his ratings and is killing the prospects of keeping Democrat majorities and realizes that it would be better for Dems if it fails. Then they can just blame the whole thing on Republicans "playing politics" with people's lives?

    These people in power are so Macchiavellian, I wouldn't put anything past them.

    I think that plan, if it is a plan, will fail so GO SCOTT BROWN!!!

  3. Is Obama so narcissistic that he can't campaign for someone else without making it about him?

  4. @ Dave C, yep (I suspect that was a hypothetical, but I felt compelled to answer ;)).

  5. I agree totally. He doesn't even expect us to believe his lies. He doesn't think it matters what we believe. He's just going through the motions. Because "He won" so its all about him.

  6. I'm with Dave C. and Fuzzy Slippers ... Comrade Zero is so narcissistic he doesn't care about anyone but Himself. [gag]


  7. Thanks for watching that, Prof. J., so I don't have to.

  8. That was the most ambigous thing I have ever seen. The man talked for two whole minutes and the only two things that he mentioned specifically were Martha Coakley's name and the state of Massachusetts.

  9. Look at his eyes .... You can see the teleprompters!!

  10. You can see the Teleprompters in his eyes! Pause the video and you can almost see the words ...

  11. Fuzzy, I agree too but I think you meant rhetorical...

  12. I lasted 36 seconds and then the air turned blue because of all the pork pies that came flying out of his mouth..........

  13. He actually behaves as some sort of socialist robot -- ignoring the destruction going on the economy, and cheering the clean-energy jobs and unlimited healthcare, and punishing of 'wall street' that will make everyone so happy that Coakley supports Obama/Pelosi/Reid's agenda. He likes his agenda......he just doesn't come out and say it's semi-socialist and full of govt control, but only a moron couldn't notice it.

  14. Coakley is laughable, and she is the Attorney General of the Moonbat state. She is not unique. Most of the Massachusetts politicians are like her.

  15. The Community Organizer in Chief is an Alinsky Socialist, so of course he thinks that we will believe his lies.

    However, since Obama is a one-trick pony he sounds like he is not even trying, but he is. It just rings hollow.

    When concluding that Obama is just using this video to cover his butt, you should be careful when assuming that he knows what he is doing. This is the same guy who at a state visit from Britain's PM, Gordon Brown, gave the PM a bunch of DVDs that were not playable in European DVD players. There is no "reset" button for stupidity.

  16. I haven't seen Obama give a good speech since the Undypants bomber failed.


  17. The first minute of the ad is all about him. He doesn't even mention her name until the 1:00 mark! Amazing.

    I'm fascinated by the size of his head in this video for some reason--it appears to me that it's shrinking.

  18. ma.barackobama.com? Is he getting elected again? Will it never end?

  19. The Obama association is not working; in fact it's detrimental. No wonder Coakley's not using that clip, edited or not. She's in even deeper trouble now, now that he's on his way to MA.

    Oh, wait. The bank tax. I forgot. That'll be a game-changer. Umm, right.

  20. It really is all about him. What astonishing vanity in a man who has accomplished nothing but get himself elected to a couple of jobs he is ill-equipped to perform.