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Monday, January 18, 2010

Progressives Against Coakley

Okay, it's not Jane Hamsher (who has not responded to my Open Letter), but another blogger at Firedoglake is calling for progressives to oppose Martha Coakley, Progressives, please help defeat Coakley:
It is very important that progressives help defeat Coakley. Please read my explanation. The more power the folks in the Democratic Corporate Suck Up wing of the party gain, the more we will have to fight to make the party move to the left. I do not think that many progressive Democrats understand that putting such people as Coakley into power is worse than having a Republican in the seat. Just being in the Democratic Party does not and will not ensure a progressive agenda. Do you not see that? So, if you get her into the seat, what makes you think she will be any better than Lincoln, or Nelson, or Lieberman! It will, in fact, ensure that there will be NO progressive agenda. It was not the Republicans who failed us of late. It was the Democrats. We will never succeed as long as the Dem’s can talk liberal and vote corporate.
At this point, what can progressives do? Taking the advice of this commenter at Firedoglake would be a good start, considering the election is tomorrow:
I fully agree with your premise, but the closest I can come to joining you is to promise not to support Coakley’s candidacy.
You'll feel good about yourself, as this commenter pointed out:
I think there’s something revolutionary going on: people (including me) are starting wean themselves of the Democratic Party, and the farther we step away from party politics, the clearer we see. It’s like having the scales fall from our eyes, and it’s a liberating feeling. Just my opinion.
Jane, it's not too late to add your voice to the rising chorus against Coakley.

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1 comment:

  1. Where, indeed are they going to go?!!

    At the National Journal's Hotline On Call, Felicia Sonmez titled her piece, After Obama Rally, Dems Pin Blame On Bush and noted that, in talking with reporters after the event, Patrick Kennedy repeatedly referred to Martha Coakley as "Marcia."

    Here's a shout out to Patrick ... "hey, man, if you're not smoking that . . . .