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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election Day Open Thread

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  1. I’m normally loathe to admit to being a MA resident, however today I can say I’m rather proud to see that my state is getting it right…for once in its history.

    As I walked out of my community center after casting my vote for Scott Brown it felt as if I were in a dream.

    After watching my fellow MA residents vote down the repeal of our income taxes yet allow the marijuana law change and fall into Obama’s side – I couldn’t believe we were doing something right.

    I knew from day 1 that Americans were being suckered by this slick, forked-tongued “president”, however it now appears people are starting to realize it, and take retributive action.

  2. I cast my vote for Scott Brown in Brookline this morning. I was there at 7AM; the lines were still short.

    I didn't see any Brown posters or signs. There was one pathetic little Coakley sign -- interestingly enough, about a foot or so closer to the poll than the sign which said "no political advertisements beyond this point". (I wish I'd photographed it.)

    I don't expect Brown to carry Brookline, or the People's Republic of Cambridge (although I'd love to be wrong). On the other hand, I was in Beverly the other day, and saw rather more Brown signs than Coakley signs.

    I'm hopeful.

    Daniel in Brookline

  3. Paul, Massachusetts kinda got the whole "Give me liberty" thing right years ago...just takes awhile to realize they've been throwing it all away again for SO long...incrementalism'll gitcha if ya don't watch out. NOW they know.

  4. @Daniel with the change in mood, you never know. I am nervous in anticipation of what will happen. Thinking of you all in Massachusetts. (darn that is a hard word to spell)

  5. Left Massachusetts in 2006 due to the weather, this is the first time I've regretted leaving. Very, very exciting. Scott Brown is the sort of patriotic upstart Massachusetts is famous for, somewhere Sam Adams is smiling.

  6. I'm from Wisconsin and many people from other states around the country are pulling for you, Massachusetts! I contributed to Scott Brown's campaign and am very excited for all of you! Massachusetts DO US PROUD! Maybe the people of Wisconsin will follow your lead. GO SCOTT!!!!!

  7. Just cast my vote for Brown, and then took a walk from the polling place to my town's little monument to the Minutemen who gathered beside the river before marching to Concord on the 19th of April in 1775. Almost every Massachusetts town has a Minuteman monument on the common. That's the way revolutions begin -- town by town, company by company, village by village. And in the end even a king can't stand against them.

  8. beware of walking dead in MA the Zombies are wearing SEIU shirt searching for brains and voting Democratic!

  9. Just looking at the county by county results on AP. In most of the heavily populated areas, Coakley won. It will be interesting to see a more detailed analysis on this. I am not familiar with the neighborhoods/towns of MA, but it certainly looks like it was an unprecedented turnout in the smaller towns and rural areas that gave the victory to Brown. This is a phenomenon of which both Dems and Republicans should be taking serious note.

  10. Boston Globe has town-by-town results here. Seems to matter a great deal which side of the Connecticut river you live on. Heard of a study concluding that geographic boundary also helps predict whether you are... dare I say it... a Yankees fan. (The rest of the blue areas in the map are some combination of very rich/poor/urban.)

    Proud to have voted.

  11. I have to write my new senator a note of apology. I saw him at an event in Concord just before his campaign went viral. He's everything a political candidate ought to be, and he did a great job of working the room, sticking to the most basic issues and being very clear and direct about them. Yet still, I'm now ashamed to say I came away not believing he could come close to pulling it off. These things just don't happen around here. Everybody I know votes Democratic, or at least I thought so until today. I haven't written to either of my senators up until now, since what would be the point?