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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bangladesh Lost The MA Election

Another in the "how do they think this stuff up" category.

Guess who were the biggest losers in the Massachusetts Senate special election yesterday. The people of Bangladesh, according to Matthew Yglesias:

Who’s going to gain and who’s going to lose if Scott Brown becomes a United States Senator?

— Biggest losers by far will be the people of Bangladesh and other low-lying coastal areas. The odds of a cap and trade bill passing in 2010 never looked great, and if Brown wins they’ll look worse.

These next few days will be fun. There is so much low-hanging fruit out there, I'm beginning to feel guilty already.

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  1. You don't feel the least bit guilty and neither do I. Oh Happy Day!

  2. I don't feel guilty either! Joy, joy, joy!! :p

  3. Don't feel guilty, enjoy the bountiful harvest the Lord and voters of Massachusetts have provided for us.

  4. Seconding the joy. :D
    Yglesias parodies himself!

  5. Few writers are capable of churning out as much quotably stupid prose as Yglesias.

  6. Yglesias is certifiably insane if he still believes that warmist clap trap

  7. Not sure if it is on Youtube... it might be time for a song.... done by Herman's Hermits... and (but I forget his name offhand)

    "Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter" :)