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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brown Massacres Coakley Online

In prior posts, I noted that Brown was winning, and then had won, the online war. The statistics reflecting Brown's online momentum also were the subject of a post recently at WordStream Internet Marketing Blog. In just the past two days, the numbers have become even more extreme in Brown's favor:


@ScottBrownMA - 8,459 followers
@MarthaCoakley - 2,921 followers

Equally important, Brown has shown steady momemtum, while Coakley has been stagnant:

As of this morning, ScottBrownMA was the 60th most "retweeted" user name on Twitter, while MarthaCoakley was ranked 624. (I am ranked 935 and I'm not running for Senate.)


Scott Brown Fan Page - 56,395 fans
Martha Coakley Fan Page - 11,457 fans


Scott Brown on YouTube - 26,622 Channel Views, 340,125 Total Upload Views: 340,125
Martha Coakley on YouTube - 8,561 Channel Views, 38,523 Total Upload Views

The video of Scott Brown's "It's the People's Seat" line from the televised debate has had over 539,000 views.


Alexa measures the internet "Reach" of a website to get an indication of how the site traffic compares to other websites.


Measuring the blogosphere is more difficult, in part because Scott Brown is a fairly common name. So the analysis is more subjective. But I do not think there is any serious dispute that Brown has dominated the blogosphere, at least until the last day or two.

The conservative blogs have driven many of the stories which have dominated the news cycles about the special election which have helped define Coakley, including Coakley's Fenway Park insult, lobbyist fundraiser and reporter "incident," and Catholic emergency room statement. Conservative blogs also were critical in promoting Brown's hugely successful Money Bomb, which not only filled his campaign coffers but generated excitement throughout the country.

The left-wing and left-leaning bloggers, by contrast, largely sat this one out until the last couple of days, when they have been digging hard for anything to use against Brown, but none of their stories have gained traction.


Regardless of result at the polls on January 19, when the history of this special election is written, Scott Brown's complete dominance of social media will be seen as a key factor in his ability to make the race competitive.

Added:  I should also mention that Brown supporters have been very effective at mocking Coakley's attack ads, as in the two examples below, whereas there are no discernible online Coakley supporters who counter-attack in support of their candidate:

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  1. Prof. Jacobson,

    VERY interesting post

    Let me play the devil's advocate for a second: is there any way for us to tell where this traffic is coming from? I know with Twitter this is probably impossible, but with his website, can we tell if most of the traffic is coming from MA?

    Clearly Scott Brown has the online support of the American people, but I am worried that non-MA residents are distorting the numbers. Even on Boston.com I see posts from out of state Brown supporters. It would make me feel better if I knew the momentum was MA based, and not simply outsiders who want MA to vote for Brown.

    Keep it up!


  2. . . . and we learned it all from BO. heh

  3. I'm guessing that the sharp dropoff for Brown at the end of the Alexa chart, beginning approximately on Jan. 13, is due to the earthquake in Haiti.