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Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Line of the Night

"With all due respect. It's not the Kennedy seat, and it's not the Democrats' seat. It's the People's seat."

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  1. He isn't due any respect if he's trying to ram this bill down our throats. Great video!

  2. What a great answer! Really put Gergen (sp?) in his place and exposed what most Democrats are all about. Reminds me of what Captain Hook said about children in the movie "Hook." They are the "me, me, me," crowd and the "I want, I want, I want" people.

    Scott Brown got it right - It's the People's seat!

  3. Coakley is in a very tough position right now because she can't have it both ways.

    Scott Brown now has the electorate in Massachusetts very, very aware of the upcoming race. And that means large numbers of independents will show up to vote on election day. Brown can now run a solid race and GOTV program. So it is no longer possible for this to be a cake-walk for Coakley.

    Due to Brown's broad appeal to independents, as well as the Republicans, Coakley has to try to gin up her base of potential partisan Democrat voters and increase turn-out by saying things and making commitments that will appeal to those voters.

    But as she does that, she risks further alienating the increasingly focused independent voters, who are concerned about the huge, out of control spending in D.C., and two unwieldy, yet significantly different healthcare bills, neither one of which are that popular with voters.

    So on some issues, she may try instead to cut into his lead among independents.

    Notice that during the debate tonight, for example, she opted to express a preference for the Senate healthcare bill, which will alienate the so-called "progressives" in the Democrat party. The lefties want a single payer bill, or at least a government option. And they want it as an article of faith! But she was forced to take a position.

    She is also seen by independents as having been supportive of an Administration that was asleep at the switch on Christmas day when a crazed al-Qaeda-trained terrorist stuffed a bomb in his underwear and nearly brought down an airline full of passengers over Detroit. At first claiming that the "system worked" it took a few weeks before the President himself finally had to acknowledge that their reaction was a disaster and that, save a bit of luck, and a few brave souls who acted quickly and managed to snuff out the flames, a real tragedy would have occurred.

    Well, everyone knows that Coakley was not in the forefront of critics urging them to wake up and recognize what had just occurred. She’s too busy defending the pre-9/11 law-enforcement approach to dealing with terror, and that makes people uneasy.

    The fact is that Coakley's entire campaign strategy was thrown completely off kilter by the explosive phenomenon of the Brown Campaign. And she has not recovered. With the impressive money he raised tonight, Scott Brown has a real shot at bring this one home!

  4. David Gergen showing his true colors!

    If they want to pass a real healthcare reform bill, and make a truly bipartisan effort to do so, it could happen tomorrow. But they want to pass something that will hobble the nation's finances for decades.

    p.s. As of 11:52 pm, $1,117,747.46 was raised!

    I imagine there will be a slight upward adjustment as they calculate the result after midnight.

    It's a beautiful thing!

  5. Yep! A REAL fine adjustment . . . $1,303,302.50 raised!

  6. And then Coakley dared to say there is no more need for troops in Afghanistan because "There are no more Taliban" there. Shades of Gerald Ford's clueless answer in the 1976 debate against Carter.

    For a party in a state that boasts more college graduates than any other state in the nation, Coakley strikes me as clueless. Stinkin' clueless.

    I get the vibe that the Kennedys want her to have that seat - until when? Until another Kennedy decides to make a run for it again and tell her, "You better retire, it's our turn"? What the heck do they think they are? Dream on! The United States Senate is not the Russian House of Boyars nor the British House of Lords. We rejected the concept of government royalty a long time ago - beginning in MA, no less. (Not that a lot of our current Senators seem to want to remember that fact...)

  7. What a very respectful and reserved audience.
    There was nary a sound of approval nor disapproval of that statement.

  8. We've learned from experience, especially in Massachusetts, that if the federal government doesn't do anything, then the states will do something. They may not have done it perfectly in Mass, but they did it, and other states can, too.

  9. Bless his heart! I wish we had some politicians in North Carolina that felt that way; or for that matter, a lot more of them all over the country.

  10. The more I think about it, the more it reminds me of what the Democrats in Illinois said when Obama left the Senate. They complained that the Illinois Senate seat was a "Black" seat and Obama's replacement had to be black.

    And they call us the racists.

  11. Paid Coakley sign holders were there at the debate. I know you're "shocked" to hear that:


  12. Thanks for the "Blog of the Day" recognition! What a pleasant surprise!

    Christine of Talk Wisdom Blog