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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Take on SOTU - A Small Speech

I'll leave it to others to do the fact check. Here's my first impression of the State of the Union speech tonight:

This was a small speech. A lot of petty pot shots, including at the Supreme Court. Very Nixonian, in that regard.

The verbiage was anything but soaring. The joke about root canal must have been off-teleprompter.

I really don't think he gets what is happening in Massachusetts and across this country. He is living in a bubble.

Obama seemed like someone lost at sea, grasping at everything. This was not the Obama of the campaign, because the campaign stump speeches cannot work anymore.

The blame Bush theme is tired.

The nation is tired of hearing these speeches and the whining.

I'm tired. Good night.

Update 1-28-2010: Here's some next day fact checking - AP’s ten whoppers from the SOTU speech
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  1. Glad I didn't set my alarm clock and get up for the SOTU speech! All I need to know about it, I just learned in six little short sentences.

  2. pretty accurate the speech was nauseating and petulant Obama looked terrible and caged very uncomfortable it was hard to watch

  3. The mark of a true professional. You were able to crank out a perfect little gem of an analysis before you conked out.

    I totally agree it was a small, petty speech about small, petty things. He doesn't get the Brown Revolution.

    How much longer will fellow travelers in the media give him the benefit of the doubt, and how much longer will that even matter, given the ability of tea party types to disintermediate the powers that be via the internet?

  4. I can't believe he trashed the Supreme Court decision on McCain-Feingold - with them sitting right in front of him, Alito muttering "Not true" in response. He's just petty and arrogant, but then we knew that.

  5. So... that means he's never going to take or use, or allow to be taken or used on his behalf, any UNION money?

    Or is it that unions in his stilted world don't qualify as "special interests?"

  6. Personally, I loved the crack about finger-pointing. He's gobsmackingly unaware of just how hypocritical the contents of that speech were -- and that, in a nutshell, is what's wrong with his administration.

  7. There was only one important audience for the SOTU - Democratic Congressmen not in the Liberal Caucus. They are the rats (metaphorically, not pejoratively) who are deciding whether to jump ship.

    He had to convince them that he was able to steer the party away from electoral disater. Epic fail!

    Party discipline is now out the window. Expect them to try to get on record whenever possible as opposing this administration. It is a slim reed in the tempest but it's all they've got. If the leadership proposes "National Petunia Week" they probably won't get it.