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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Night To Give Thanks

We did it. I'm too tired to give a full account of the past six weeks, that will happen in the coming days.

Tonight we did what the pundits were saying, just days ago, was impossible. But only because they didn't understand the anger in society at what is happening in Washington, D.C.

Those of us who understood it believed this was possible and never gave up. So tonight let's just give thanks. And sleep well.

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  1. And thank you for your work as well, Professor Jacobson. I think your impact was larger than you know.

  2. A celebratory poster for Scott Brown’s victory in MA

    Victory! Welcome Sen. Scott Brown to The People’s House!

  3. Yes we did! It was so exciting to watch and pray for Brown and the seat from here in MI! Congratulations Massachusetts and Scott Brown!

  4. Yes!   What Sallyven said... x 2 !

  5. Dear Professor, thank you for all your time and effort. You are one incredible guy!

  6. Just what I was going to say, Sally... even here in Arizona, we are celebrating the significance of this day! A big big thank you to you Dr. J (has a ring to it...?) and to the people of Massachusetts!!!

  7. Thank you for everything, Professor.

    We indeed are the ones we've been waiting for!

  8. Congratulations, William. I learned more about this race on your blog than anywhere else.

  9. Yes indeed, sir, you had such an impact...I can't thank you enough for all your hard work.

    This is allso amazing, I am having a ittle trouble processing it....

    YES WE DID!!!!!

  10. Thanks for posting live coverage. At least two separate groups of us in two separate cities here in Saudi Arabia depended on your coverage to bring us this exciting story. Fantastic!

  11. Let me add my thanks. The live coverage was excellent, but the coverage you've done that led up to this day has been outstanding. I salute you!

  12. Thanks, Bill. I think you may have single-handedly turned the tide. And armed me with the material I needed to challenge Coakley supporters - not with insults and derogatory comments, but with facts. As any advocate should. Cheers. Hope I get credit for all the people I've sent here in the last few weeks :)

  13. Thank you so much for all YOU have done, Professor Jacobson!!! It has been my pleasure to visit here every day - several times a day - to be a part of Senator Brown's race. In my opinion, you have played an integral part in his campaign.

    Your live blogging last night was superb and I was thrilled to have been a part of it.

  14. Dear Mr.Jacobson,
    From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU and Sissy Willis for never giving up hope and fighting the good fight.

    I am going home to India in two weeks and this was the bestest possible parting gift that i could ever receive !

    Long Live the Republic ! Long Live New England and Tea Party Patriots !!

  15. Words fail me. And for a blogger, that's something I rarely say.

    Absolutely exceptional.

  16. Prof. Jacobson,

    From the voters here in MA: we could not have done it without you.

    You, sir, are the man.


  17. Thank you Massachusetts, thank you Scott Brown!

  18. Job Well Done, Professor...

    You showed the rest of the conservative bloggers the way in this hard fought battle. I will NEVER forget the pivotal role you played in achieving this victory starting in the "Brown Who?" days.

    I believe you were responsible for attracting the attention of Scott Rasmussen to do the first Poll... and that feat turned the tide and brought to public attention, the reality of a Conservative Win in Massachusetts. From there the grass roots money flowed into the Brown Campaign... then from the GOP itself.

    Your relentless Legal Insurrection taught me a lesson... impossible dreams are possible if you decide early to make them happen and act on that decision.

    I thought it was impossible until the Rasmussen poll results were published and, as a result, got on board with you. I was not alone in doing this. I learn from experience and example, Professor, and I won't repeat that assumptive mistake again.

    With Deep Respect,


  19. Prof. Jacobson - THANK YOU so much for your commitment to Brown's victory. Thank you for raising awareness, keeping us informed and going to the mattresses with us. THANK YOU!

    Get some rest - you deserve it.

  20. None of the lefty talking heads in the liberal MSM are NOT portraying this crushing victory as a referendum on Obama or his socialist health care fantasy.

    Instead, they are lamenting the implications for ObamaCare and blaming it (at least on MSDNC last night) on their not being far left enough.

    Democrats are totally clueless.

  21. I would like to echo my THANK YOU Professor! We have a long way to go here in CA and look forward to your posts as the political season revs up out here. If it can happen in MA then why not CA.

  22. It is a job well done. With you and Hillbuzz there have been many lessons to take on board. We in Australia have our own fight to get rid of corrupt liberal (ALP and GREEN) politicians, as well as the weak namby-pamby members of the Liberal Party known as the "wets" - and they are wet behind the ears.

    It was a great campaign and I have enjoyed every minute of the excitement generated.

  23. Three Cheers for The Prof!

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Happy Anniversary Mr. President