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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Don't You Understand About The Internet

In order to justify China's crackdown on free speech on the internet, including banning YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, a Chinese communist newspaper posed this question:
The People's Daily editorial asked rhetorically if obscene information or activities promoting terrorism would be allowed on the internet in the US.
Good point. Because as we all know, nothing like that would be permitted on the internet in the U.S.

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  1. You need to face the crusaders against "child pornography" one day.

  2. Maybe the sad part is that things are so censored in China, that this schmuck of a mouthpiece of the Chicoms really believes that the US censors the internet just like the Chinese government does. Of course, as Obama has given the reins of the internet over to the UN, that may well be a possibility before his first (and hopefully last) term is up. So we will enjoy the freedom of the internet now while we can.

  3. (rolls eyes) Sorry, but sexual exploitation of children is not equivalent to free speech.

    And interesting how you smugly put child pornography in quotations marks as if the whole concept that something like that exists is somehow silly. That is really sick, man.