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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snot-Noses for Coakley

This should motivate you. This sort of attitude has motivated me for years. From an erudite "reality-based" pundit at Blue Mass:
Let's just be obvious about this: Scott Brown has absolutely no business being in the same area code as Martha Coakley. Not to be too personal (we've met, he's nice), but ideologically, he is a predictable George W. Bush Republican -- (pro-torture, anti-health care, etc.), as much of a breath of fresh air as a high school locker room.
Yes, because Martha has that certain savoir faire, or is it joie de vivre, je ne sais quoi.

And if Scottie wins, mon Dieu.

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  1. The comments on that thread just underscore how totally unaware they are of what the electorate is feeling. And they have no idea they're about to lose the union vote in this election either.

  2. This may be a very small thing, but honestly, when your sworn enemies from the other side of a very Liberal state can't help but mention how nice you are even when they're totally dissing you, I think you are very, very electable, especially when you happen to be darn good-looking and are riding a wave of righteous voter indignation.

  3. First of all the man is not anti-healthcare - they score a fail on that one. In fact everyone wants reform, just not what is being drafted and going through Congress.

    Second, I still maintain that waterboarding is not torture, and there is no proof that Brown is pro-torture.

    There little snots are repeating the MoveOn.org meme regarding Brown. It is the meme that the concern trolls have been told to repeat on all the conservative blogs.

    Go for it professor, you can do you bit as part of the Hillbuzz team and post on their site, a few sly comments to get them upset :)

  4. OMG - an Eeyore! Imagine that! ;)

    You have done a fabulous job of getting the truth to the blogosphere. Thank you!

  5. It's leftists. This is what they do...

  6. I live in Massachusetts. Every time I think I may, just may, be a conservative Democrat, I read BlueMasGroup and remember how repugnant and crazy they are (and the whole Democratic base, for that matter), and I remain an independent. I used to consider myself a Yankee Republican; like most other Yankee Republicans, I find myself disenchanted with the national GOP, but still can't committ myself to the Dems because, let's face it, that party is run by people just like the people who run BlueMassGroup.

    I know this sounds cynical, but I really think as a society we're so screwed.

  7. @The Esteemed Gentleman,

    instead of being an eeyore you need to be part of the solution. If you are upset by the leadership of the RNC then do something that will change that leadership. If you are just going to whinge about the RNC leadership instead of being active and supporting Scott Brown then you become the loser if Martha Coakley ends up being the new Senator for Mass. Get out there and help make the change.

  8. @ Maggie:

    I'm glad you think you can deduce so much from my comment (namely that I am not part of any solution), but you're talking to someone who spent several years of his life working as a staffer in both the House and the Senate of the Massachusetts General Court and witnessed first hand the inner workings of the MA state party committees (including their leadership battles and ideological civil wars). Trust me, my assessment above is well-placed. Lastly, SB knows me well, and knows he has my vote.