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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brown Hip Checks Coakley On Fenway Insult

On the heels of Martha Coakley's well-publicized comment criticizing Scott Brown for shaking hands with people in the cold outside Fenway Park, Brown has rolled out a new TV ad featuring him doing nothing but shaking hands with people on the street in the cold.

Coakley took a slap shot at Fenway Park fans, in one of the dumbest political moves ever. Now Brown has thrown a hip check.

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  1. Obama dips his toe in the MA Senate Race...releases video urging support for Coakley:


  2. Hip check! Man, that is so "old school", the kind of stuff we used to see when Les Habitants were still winning Stanley Cups, you know, before goalies started wearing sofas for goalie pads. God I miss those days.

  3. I actually canvassed "Southie" way back when and unless that area has had a complete ethnic upheaval, there isn't a single Republican voter in that neighborhood.

    However, they ARE very politically aware and involved. On a Fourth of July weekend in 1984, I collected close to 2,000 signatures to get a Republican candidate on the ballot there. Several of them swore that they never voted for a Republican in their lives and never will. But if Brown was warmly received, it was real. Southies are not shy about berating a politician in person if they don't like him.