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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Brown Campaign from the Ground Up

My article, analyzing how Scott Brown won the Massachusetts election, is posted at Pajamas Media, The Brown Campaign from the Ground Up. Here's a short excerpt:

By the time of the only televised debate on January 11, the country was gripped with interest in the race. Still over a week out from the election, either side could win, and conventional wisdom still made Coakley the clear favorite.

But Brown had his moment in history. David Gergen, echoing a Coakley campaign theme, aggressively pressed Brown over his opposition to Democratic health care proposals, and whether Brown was worthy of the “Kennedy seat.” Brown’s response — that it was not the Kennedy seat or the Democrat’s seat, but “the people’s seat” — was the defining moment of the campaign.

In that moment, Brown created a sense of history and claimed it as his own. The line reminded me of John Kennedy’s inaugural speech, in which Kennedy spoke of the torch being passed to a new generation of Americans. And that new generation was embodied by Scott Brown, not Martha Coakley.

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  1. Gergen proved once again that he is worthless shill for the left - and had thrown back in his face. I thought that was the defining moment in the campaign.

  2. Just read your article at Pajamas Media, fantastic analysis and writing. That's why we luv ya! :)