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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coakley Admits She Is In Deep Trouble

This account of Martha Coakley's reaction to Scott Brown's rise in the polls paints Coakley as a mostly clueless politician (emphasis mine):

On a private conference call with DNC chair Tim Kaine and top Dem donors this afternoon, Dem Senate candidate Martha Coakley acknowledged that GOPer Scott Brown’s surge was “frightening,” said top Dem donors had been complacent, and promised a last burst of TV ads to close out the race.

It’s a little frightening how much traction he’s been able to get so quickly,” Coakley said on the call, which I was able to listen in on this afternoon, adding that he’d successfully used terror and joblessness to stoke voter fears.

Coakley also pleaded with donors to come through with last-minute funding for what she said would be an extremely pricey home-stretch. “It’s astounding how expensive this is,” Coakley said, saying additional TV ads are on the way. “We can’t stress enough how urgent it is. We need $400,000 in additional TV, $325,000 in getting out the vote mailings, and $80,000 in robocalls.”

The Democratic primary may have produced the single worst possible candidate for a hotly contested statewide election in this environment.

Coakley slept through December, has an arrogant attitude of entitlement which must put off voters, is mired in the past with her Bush-Cheney Derangement Syndrome, and doesn't seem to understand that the voters are pissed off at the political establishment of which she is a part. The optics of Coakley going to D.C. tonight for a lobbyist fundraiser are horrible.

Scott Brown is a great campaigner. Martha Coakley is a horrible campaigner. The stars may be in alignment.

Update: This Photo May Change The Election

And this observation from Bernie Quigly at The Hill.com in response to an urgent fundraiser from BarackObama.com this morning:
When the race is recalled, it will be recalled for one of those singular moments like the one in the vice presidential debate between Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle, when Sen. Bentsen said, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” Nor was Uncle Teddy, incidentally.

This race will be recalled for an occurrence in a recent TV debate when moderator David Gergen asked Brown about sitting in “Ted Kennedy’s seat.” “With all due respect,” he said, “ it is not Ted Kennedy’s seat, it is not the Democrats’ seat, it is the people of Massachusetts’ seat.”
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  1. Astounding. Simply astounding.

    Scott plans for and perfectly executes a money bomb that gathers $1.3 million dollars from donors giving of their free will, many of whom are unemployed, suffering and not living in Massachusetts (read any comments on the blogs yesterday?).

    Martha's performance in the debate last night is souring as time goes by as the gravity of what she said sinks in. She then very publicly goes to Washington and gathers her funds from the special interests so intent upon passing the Health Care overhaul. Then the unions start kicking in their confiscated monies...

    Her advertisements are political film noir - all about why Scott should not be Senator - why we should vote for Martha? Not so much.

    Oops, as I sit here in front of my TV, there's another Coakley negative ad - the one with Rush giving the sieg heil salute. Oh, brother.

  2. who planned her ad campaigns? They sound like something from the past.... 2008

  3. Coakley said on the call, ... adding that he’d successfully used terror and joblessness to stoke voter fears.
    Gee, I wonder how Scott Brown could possibly have done that?   Considering how all is peaches and cream at the moment.   Dang, these folks (yes you, Martha!) really are clueless.

  4. Intrade still heavily favors Coakley. They have her at 79 and Brown at 25.8. She was about 83 earlier today, so she has been dropping, but she still is way ahead. Don't get carried away--Brown is still the underdog.

  5. Very well and succinctly said, as usual. I'll be sending this around tomorrow.

    Now, here is a small nugget of solid gold.

    A couple named Angel Fleming & Shane Hayes attended the debate last night and posted a report on their website. One video captures a snickering union guy who just pocketed $50 from Coakley to stand there holding a sign, then he tells Angel:

    “I’m paid to be here, but I’m voting for Scott Brown. I just need the money, but don’t tell anyone.”

    Scroll down to about the third video - :37 long:


  6. I live in Massachusetts. While she was off in Washington being showered by Union and special interest money Brown was in his pickup truck driving to Salem for a rally and doing a telephone interview on the radio answering every question put to him. She's an elitist snob still spewing terms like "corporate greed", "Bush/Cheney", and other phrases from the Democrat playbook at a ritzy ballroom while Brown is humping and meeting a bunch of people that are immediately struck by the guy's decency and common sense. This election will determine, in the eyes of the voters of the Commonwealth, whether or not we even have a voice anymore or whether the Democrat Political Machine and the big unions run the state and use us taxpayers as a source of their own personal income and nothing more.

  7. But, hey there are no terrorists in Afghanistan, anymore. They all went to Pakistan or Yemen.
    Ooooweee, I sure feel safe, now.

  8. "Scott Brown is a great campaigner. Martha Coakley is a horrible campaigner."

    And that's what it's all about.

  9. Good God. Apparently she is in so much trouble she is now traveling with her own personal knee breaker/media hack sent by the DNC. Check out what happened to The Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack. This is fairly intense thuggery if you ask me, and there is excellent quality video and photographic evidence... indicating to me a genuine loss of control and judgment. Not a good look.

    You can help identify the thug. Is it Michael Meehan?


  10. And the best part about this is that Brown was essentially written off by the RNC and given virtually no support from the national party. This is all him.

  11. I'm not ready to break out the champagne quite yet--I never underestimate the Democrat talent for stealing elections (it appears to be the only talent they have.) But, Lord have mercy, who would've thought a MA Senate race could provide this much entertainment?

  12. She also screwed up with her lame comment in the debate that the terrorist problem in Afghanistan is gone and this is why we should pull out. Fox News is broadcasting this gaffe every 15 minutes along with her total evasion of a question from a reporter as to where she got her information.

  13. $800,000 to create a Brown job. Astounding.