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Monday, January 18, 2010

What Don't You Understand About "It's Cold Outside"?

What did you expect?

"... [T]he holiday and a bitter winter storm have kept the crowds away from a phone bank for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley. As of 10:20 this morning, not a single volunteer had yet arrived for the 10am phone bank. MTA Webmaster Meg Secatore tells Watchdog.org that the severe snow and ice that have covered Massachusetts highways are keeping people from the phones."

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  1. Seems to me that this is an indiciation of apathy. If people were really enthusiastic about Coakley, they'd be there despite the weather - especially since this phone bank appears to be accessible by T.

  2. Kind of gives a whole new twist to the old bromide,

    "Move along. Nothing to see here!"

    Doesn't it, though?

  3. My DD and SIL are teachers here in Ma. The phone bank is empty because they--MTA--sent out robocalls last week:

    Press #1 on your cell phone if we can count on your vote for Martha

    Press #2 on your cell phone if you would like to volunteer

    Neither My Daughter or her Husband pressed anything and just hung up. The union had no right to force them into press 1 or 2 like that and they are young enough to not care much what the union wanted from them.

  4. Maybe they just kicked everyone out for tweeting instead of dialing? It happens.

  5. It's an indication that you think union folks are going to show up for work on a holiday.

  6. "Bitter" yes. But not because of a bit of snow.

  7. pasadenaphil said...

    Maybe they just kicked everyone out for tweeting instead of dialing? It happens.

    ROFL - ouch I bet that hurt someone we know :)