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Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Ad Could Change The Election

Since Coakley supporters appear willing to believe anything. (Even a parody by TheNoseOnYourFace shop.)

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  1. William F. Buckley would have been a funnier choice! But then, many of those similarities would work with Bill Buckner and Bill Buckley!
    Could it be????

  2. OH EM GEE!!! They're right... he has NEVER said he isn't Buckner!

    And there's that whole "B" thing.


  3. I'd like to show you something. It is on my website: http://www.debrajmsmith.com/AFFOIsp5.html

    It is an accountability bill. It would make New York accountable to New York Citizens, to qualify anyone who wants to be put on our ballot for president.

    My senator is going ahead with it, and my assemblyman is currently looking into it, as well.


  4. Hey Bill Buckley is my uncle - honest ROFL

    It is indeed true but of course they are different men. My late uncle was a member of the Australian army. His sister, my auntie Doreen lives near Detroit Michigan.

  5. O/T, but I just heard Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dem Senator from Florida and Vice Chairman of the DNC, repeat the accusation of Brown wanting hospitals to refuse rape victims. I guess this makes the DNC party to this lie.

  6. I love my Mets. For that reason alone, if I lived in Massachusetts, I would vote for Bill Buck...ummm, I mean Scott Buckner, no Bill Brown, no, oh hell. I don't live in Massachusetts so my vote wouldn't count anyway and my Mets turned out to be the Mutts. But, Scott Brown I'm glad your Billy Buck. Don't bobble this ball Massachusetts!

  7. That ad is a hoot. But not as funny as it might have been in years past; all is forgiven in Red Sox Nation since 2004, even Bill Buckner has been welcomed back to the fold. Now if we can only get rid of those johnny-come-lately Red Sox "fans" in their pink ball caps...

  8. @Fuzzy Zlippers, LOL, I can't believe Martha Coakley called Curt Schilling a Yankee fan. In Massachusetts, some things are sacred.