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Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Shout "You Live!"

Despite the worst wishes of some, and helped along by the good wishes and prayers of tens of millions, we now can shout "You Live!"

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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  1. Praise God Rush is OK. Thank you for sharing this report. So many of us have been praying for his speedy recovery. 2010 will be such an important year for America to reclaim our country. We need him. We need YOU to keep blogging (despite the possiblility it being 'bad for mental health' -- too late for me too!). This is going to be an exciting year for sure.
    Stay vigilant. :)

  2. Great news for conservatives and lovers of liberty! There is no doubt much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on the Left.

    We need Rush in the fight this year - he informs us, motivates us, and helps keep us on the right path! He did emphasize the excellent (U.S. health) care he received in Hawaii and I'm sure will have much more to say about this next week as he resumes the fight against Deathcare.

    If heart and arterial disease have been ruled out, my non-medical guess is he may have pulled a muscle while unconsciously compensating for his existing neck/back pain. Compensating for an injury's pain or infirmity is a frequent cause of a new injury and pain. Just a guess.