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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Death of Feminism: "Save Us Martha!"

Want to know how misinformed and bewildered the American feminist movement is on the state of the Democratic Party?

Check out this post at HuffPo by blogger Amy Siskind, calling on Martha Coakley to change her position on backing the health care bill since the bill is hostile to women's health:

In recent days, women's advocates have been strikingly hushed. It seems that women's health is under assault and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Even feminist leader Ellen Malcolm resigned from the organization she founded in seeming disgust as her candidates acquiesced. All this has left me to ponder: who will be our modern day Eleanor Roosevelt?

Could it be Martha Coakley? ....

As we know, unlikely bedfellows are uniting in opposition to Obama's health care reform. Independent bloggers who oppose health care reform see MA Republican candidate Scott Brown as their best hope to shoot it down. Former Hillary Clinton supporters who were pro-Coakley last month, now are signing up to phone bank for Republican Scott Brown here and here in an effort to defeat health care. Even a lifelong women's advocate informed me this week that she was backing Brown to shoot down Stupak/Nelson. Strange days indeed.

Which is why Martha Coakley should seize on this moment. Coakley should change her position and run against health care reform. In doing so, not only will she cement a win in Massachusetts, but also establish herself as a modern day Eleanor Roosevelt at a time when women are desperate for leadership....

So here's a plea Martha: Lead us. And if you do, we will have your back!

You dummy.

Coakley already played the feminist movement during the primaries. Coakley used her opposition to the abortion language in the Senate bill to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from Emily's List and others, and to distinguish herself from her male primary opponents. Then she sold you down the river by changing her position and now backs the abortion restrictions in the Senate bill.

Don't believe me, check out the blog post at TalkLeft: Martha Coakley's Bait and Switch on Abortion.

If you want to stop the abomination called Obamacare, then you should be shouting "Save Us Scottie!"

And tell Jane Hamsher to do the same.

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  1. My blog is at Amy Sisken's "Independent Bloggers" hyperlink in the article you have quoted.

    For the record, I am a former lifelong Dem who became disillusioned with liberal party politics during the 2008 elections, starting with the primaries.

    As an independent now, I base my support of people and policies on only one criterion: what's in my country's best interest.

    Therefore, I proudly support Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate, and urge everyone to help Scott cross the finish line first. Ask yourselves: what is best for my country?

  2. I saw that article yesterday, and I was struck by two things. One, that they think that Martha has principles of any kind given what she's done (and not just about women's health), and two, that maybe there's something to that "my enemy's enemy is my friend" thing.

    Honestly, though, as a woman, I'm pretty worried about what is going on with women's health being attacked (mammograms/pap smears) and the public funding of elective abortions now considered "women's health." It's worrying in the extreme, and I'm glad that the progs are seeing it, too. I thought that left wing feminists were going to leave the women's health battle to we feminists on the right!

  3. Ditzy dames. I was a feminist way back when I was a young girl in the fifties and realized -- through reading, mostly -- how condescendingly unfair most cultural traditions have always been towards women. I knew they were wrong because I knew that wasn't me they were talking about.

    BUT. Once the marxist feminists hijacked the feminist movement, I was out of there. Thrilled that that travesty of common sense and sensibility is finally slouching toward the dustbin of history.

  4. Mr. Jacobson-----surely as a law professor at Amy Siskind's alma mater Cornell, you have a better argument than to call Amy Siskind a dummy. It's just that for many of us there is ALWAYS something more important than electing more women to office. That's why the United States ranks #83 in the world in female representation in government. The yearning for female parity does not make one a dummy. And anyone who would call someone a dummy for those beliefs could be considered a sexist.....

  5. @cruccia,

    there is something totally wrong with the notion of ranking female participation in government. I am a woman and I believe that we should always be represented by the person who best represents our interests.

    Also, I am against the public funding of elective abortions. If people want to screw around then they should suffer the consequences of their actions. There are very few legitimate reasons for an abortion to be carried out - eclampsia, and ectopic pregnancy are some of the very few reasons for the procedure.

    In other words I agree that Amy Siskind is a dummy....

    The yearning for female parity does make a person a dummy, especially when the said candidate is a corrupt individual who is too lazy to get out amongst the people, and who has a very poor record where justice is concerned.

    Coakley is not standing up for women's issues, especially the changes in a system that worked to keep down the number of younger women dying from breast cancer - prevention is better than the cure.

  6. Excellent use of the phrase "You dummy"! And if you used Fred Sanford's intonation and inflection in your mind when you were thinking and writing it, even better! Amy Siskind was being LaMont.