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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone Needs Attention

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs says he's parting ways with the right because people who disagree with him are fascist, racist, homophobic, white supremacists. And he names names.

In fact, this is just another attention getting ploy to get back at people who have criticized Johnson. Go to The Other McCain for some background. Jules Crittendon and JammieWearingFool have good take-downs of Johnson's tactic, and James Joyner refutes Johnson's accusations in great and glorious detail.

All you need to know about this is to read what Johnson posted when the story broke that the Seattle cop killer suspect, Maurice Clemmons, had been granted clemency by Mike Huckabee. That decision has come under criticism from law enforcement and others, including conservative bloggers.

The criticism is not universal, as some have noted that at the time of the clemency the shooter already had served 10 years of a 65 year sentence for a series armed robberies he committed starting at age 16, and many people considered the sentence excessive for someone of that age when there had been no murder. (I've also heard some people refer to a 100-year sentence; regardless, it was the equivalent of a life sentence.)

No matter, I did not read of anyone on the left or the right attacking Huckabee's decision from a religious angle. Except Johnson. Here is what Johnson wrote as to the motivation behind Huckabee's clemency decision:
You have to wonder why Huckabee would grant clemency to someone like this, despite strenuous objections from prosecutors.

One possibility: Huckabee is a fanatical fundamentalist. Was it because Clemmons' pretended to "get religion" in order for his sentence to be reduced?
This says it all. Johnson is obsessed with attacking his opponents not on their ideas, but making everything very personal so as to demonize those who are not to his liking. Huckabee was not just wrong, he was a "fanatical fundamentalist."

And the evidence that Huckabee relied on Clemmons finding religion? Charles don't need no stinkin' evidence. And would it be the first time someone seeking clemency, or parole, or a pardon, faked finding God? And would that make every Governor who fell for the fake a "fanatical fundamentalist"?

Here's the NY Times' account of the clemency scenario:
Mr. Clemmons had been convicted for a series of burglaries and robberies that began in 1989, and would not have been eligible for parole until 2021. He applied for clemency in 2000, writing in a petition to Mr. Huckabee that he had simply fallen in with a bad crowd in a bad neighborhood as a teenager, and that he “had learned through the ‘school of hard knocks’ to appreciate and respect the rights of others.”
Johnson's announcement that he is "parting ways" is an obvious attempt to get attention so that people who do not normally read his blog will get his message putting negative labels on those with whom Johnson disagrees. Johnson will be embraced by the left-wing blogs both for his supposedly selfless act, and his verification that right-wing bloggers are demons.

Johnson will get attention, and will redirect some traffic.

But so would someone who jumped off an overpass onto a crowded highway.

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  1. reading Johnsons blog, I thought he was liberal all along.

  2. Ah it is more than that, Charles had 234 Instalances since Apr 2002 and none since Aug of this year.

    His drop from the right didn't give him lefty love

    This is his play to become a player on the left

  3. I think this is more like a "turn" that pro wrestlers employ when their act gets stale. Nobody comes to watch their matches anymore as the "good guy", so hit your other "good guy" tagteam partner with a 2x4 to the back of the head. Suddenly people are interested in watching you wrestle as the "bad guy" getting your comeupance from the aggrieved former friend.

  4. I'm astounded anyone still reads him.

  5. How many liberals will imbrace LGF when they find out that this was the website that broke rathergate and killed the chance to get Bush out of office in 2004. Maybe some might but I expect it won't be long that CJ is as hostle to his new readers as his current ones. It stopped being about issues a long time ago. And you either follow the king or get your head cut off.

  6. Looks like he is getting a lot of attention.

    And as a result, my list of "must read" blogs is getting markedly shorter.

    I am NOT in love with him and I will not tolerate having him shoved in my face at every turn.

    I am curious, though. How much does he pay y'all to drive traffic his way?

  7. I've not never read Little Green Footballs, but I've read plenty about the blogger and his junkyard dog attacks. Pitiful grandstanding attempt to get readers and to woo leftists to "like him". Sounds like he's taking a page out of Meghan McCain's diary on how to embrace phony values, hug socialists, and love all taxpayer-funded entitlements.

  8. As much as I hate Charles Johnson, he's not really entirely off base. The allegation that Huckabee passed out pardons based on a conversion to Christianity isn't new.

    Google "Video Huckabee James Maxwell" to hear Huckabee mention that's something he did.

    Johnson said "Possibility" and I really don't think it's so far-fetched.

  9. I've just been reading on several blogs about all the CJ/LGF hoopla today... I read LGF for a while, 04~07ish

    I enjoyed the content and comments... and eventually on one of CJs registration "windows" got in the Lizard Lounge... I commented only once or twice

    Then he started all that European political party bashing... they don't muslims so they're all fascists he sez

    and then the weird spat w/ Robert Spencer (I admire Robert Spencer and have read his works) and Pam Geller...

    then the wholesale assault on religion... and I realized I had to leave LGF.... just went cold-turkey... and I've not looked back

    it's a sad tell of a CA lefty thinking he was "mugged by reality on 9/11" and moving right as a result... and the inevitable swing back to the left.... CJ must have drank the koolaide and got infected w/ bad craziness

  10. I started losing interest in CJ about a year ago when it became clear that he: 1) was completely obsessed with creationism and intelligent design, 2) was becoming a global warming freak, 3) was bashing conservatives constantly, and 4) was involved in countless, tedious personal feuds. He was once a hero of mine. It's a shame.