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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GOP Abandons Scott Brown, But We're Not

As reported by Jules Crittenden, the national GOP has all but abandoned Scott Brown in his bid for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in the January 19 special election.

Brown's opponent, Martha Coakley, is a down-the-line liberal who is vulnerable because she will be a puppet for the Democratic leadership. If Massachusetts voters want more of the same, they can get it with Coakley. If they want change they really can believe in, Scott Brown is the answer.

But the national GOP couldn't seem to care less. The amount of funding provided to Brown has been minimal. Coakley, on the other hand, is getting solid Democratic fundraising backing.

In addition to me, other bloggers, including SISU and Jumping in Pools, and Twitterers, such as NorsU, have been sounding the alarm that Brown needs some help. He is a solid fiscal conservative, and electing him may be all it takes to stop Obamacare since the final votes in the Senate likely will take place after January 19.

Brown is going to have to do it on his own, with the help of social media advocates. Whether Brown wins or loses, not to make the effort with such a good candidate in an open seat shows the shortsighted mindset in the national GOP.

A "moneybomb" in support of Brown is scheduled for January 11. You also can donate at Brown's website, and can join the internet Brown Brigade, and follow Brown on Twitter.

Update: Ed Morrissey at HotAir is onto the issue - Where is the national GOP in the Massachusetts special election?

But, for a different view, Rumors of lack of GOP support for Scott Brown’s Candidacy Greatly Exaggerated.

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  1. Right on! Thanks for the linking. It will also require the help of National Conservative organizations, politicians, and well known figures.

    Organizations - fiscal conservative organizations.

    Politicians - Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, etc.

    Well known figures - Curt Schilling, Jon Voight, any member of the Redsox, Patriots, or Celtics.

  2. The CA GOP invented this kind of passive gerrymandering. The only way you can contest any seat in this state is if you run on your own using your own money. The GOP could not bother itself to actually fight for anything. Cuts into the cocktail hour. They prefer to just wait for the pendulum to swing back their way and pretend it proves that voters prefer Republicans. Meanwhile, they survive by being Assistant Democrats and hanging out at the 19th hole.

  3. Cookin breakfast here in Alabama, but sending some cash up North....If I can help, you can too!! Let's send Mr. Brown to Washington!

  4. Just goes to prove the old GOP are the new Whigs.

    Tea party platform activate!

  5. We cancelled our New Year's dinner expense and contributed to Brown instead. Let's put the money where our mouth is and help our fellow citizens in Mass. establish a beachhead in the Rescue of 2010.

    As for the RNC, I'm closing my wallet until they replace their current leadership.

  6. You are well aware that the National Republican Senate Committee is significantly behind in both receipts and cash on hand compared to the Democrats right?

    And if your objective is to maximize the number of Republican Senators, spending money in a long shot race in Massachusetts instead of say playing good defense in North Carolina or open seat defense in Ohio or offense in Connecicutt does not seem to be an optimal strategy.

  7. Alrighty, then,6p00d8345f80b469e2...let the NRSC continue down the road it is failing on, and the REAL people of this party will do their job for 'em....and we'll be mighty careful about sending The Almighy NRSC any more money in the future.

    I just sent Mr. Brown some money; can't let them Alabamians show us Georgians up! :o)

  8. It's great to see the folks over at http://www.MittRomneyCentral.com/2009/12/30/scott-brown-could-be-our-41st-vote-in-the-senate/ charging full steam ahead on this important election and cause! There's also some great ways to help listed there

  9. If Scott Brown Gets In, Socialized Health Care Is OUT! Praise the Lord, this may be our answer to prayer!

    Martha Coakley is a Monster!

    Read this page on her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Coakley

    When there, scroll down to "Controversies." And read things about her.

    I know that times are hard right now, but if you're even able to just give $5.00 to Brown's campaign, you could help Brown win and be part of history. It all adds up, and he could blast even more ads on Monday. The election is Tuesday.

    Just type in an amount in "other" - https://www.icontribute.us/scottbrown/


    PS... I see that you are at Cornell. My oldest daughter had a grad school offer from Cornell University, but she ended up taking an offer, closer to home. She may end up there for post-grad, though. She is in the sciences. (She had been home schooled too.)

  10. You know the only reason they're saying Republicans aren't supporting Brown is because they are at such disfavor with Americans they're trying to paint this as an unaffiliated senate race. There's no way they would not have control of their soon to be ace in the hole card. There is no way he would be racking up a million dollars a day without strong Republican and corporate funding and anybody that doesn't see this are choosing not to.