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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If This Is True, Senate Dems Are About To Jump Off The Ledge

HotAir via Politico is reporting that the Obama administration has learned that there is sufficient resistence in the House to the Senate plan that the push to pass final legislation, after conference, will be delayed until after Obama's January State of the Union address.

I'd like to believe it, but I can't help the feeling that this is disinformation put out by Rahm Emanuel to ease the pressure on Congressmen and Senators over the holiday break.

If this is true, then the Democratic Senators rushing to pass a bill by Christmas are about to jump off a political ledge without a parachute.

This legislation will not survive until February. It is having trouble surving until January. And if by some chance the momentum can survive until February, it simply will keep open an issue on which Obama and Democrats are losing public support daily.

If Obama really is planning to delay a conference and final passage until February, this is the best Christmas present to those who care about killing this bill.

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  1. I believe the word Obama used was "precipice." How appropriate.

    I can only hope it is true - but I don't believe it. We'll see how Reid handles the voting. If he continues, then the screws are still being put on him. We'll see.

  2. Considering that Cornell is a non-profit institution, receiving most of it's funding from the state of New York I'll bet Professor Jacobson is getting the best socialized healthcare money can buy.

    Btw, I'm a vet and also get free excellent socialized healthcare, especially after the President Bush "cockroach and rat infested" Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal, things sure improved here at the Fresno VA.

  3. Never, ever trust Reid, Pelosi, or Obama. But let's hope that it's true nevertheless.

  4. @DaveMartin, I think you are confusing the state-funded schools at Cornell University with the endowed schools. I don't work for the state-funded portion. And even if I did, it wouldn't prove anything, because you are engaging in the classic "all or nothing" argument. The fact that some of us do not want excessive government does not mean that we want no government. I'm glad you enjoy your VA care; it's a good thing you are not on Medicare considering the massive cuts in the legislation.

  5. I'm not buyin' it. What I read just sounded like he expects them to keep hammering it out til then, not that he himself would step in to delay it. He cannot possibly be that stupid.

  6. These Congressmen get NO REST until this bill is history. MORE pressure, not less!

  7. Professor, the Dems jumped off the cliff this afternoon anyway -- especially when they refused to support Senator DeMint's Amendment (originally written with Dick Durbin) to stop pork for votes. Durbin actually stood up with a straight face and told the Senate that he didn't see how the Amendment was enforceable -- but he co-wrote it and it was passed by the Senate in 2007 (then mysteriously taken out in conference).

    Today was just another lie-fest from the Democrats - except this one saw the violation of everything contained in the American's Creed.

  8. Republicans are tools of Big Insurance as one would expect.

    Same with global warming.

    Republicans and the right-wingers always place business interests and corporate profits above any other consideration.

  9. I should have added that the right-wing will place corporate profit, in this case the profits of Big Insurers, above all else even when they themselves are receiving public, socialized healthcare... and the hypocrisy completley escapes them.

  10. davemartin7777: you make no sense. you talk about corporate profit, big insurers and then socialized healthcare. You need to do a little research...

  11. What about all of the Big Businesses and Big Unions handing fistfulls of dollars to Dems to pass socialized healthcare for all so that they can profit by DROPPING all of the private insurance they pay for employees currently? Do you think State govts will continue to provide health plans for firemen, policemen, education, etc, when they can simply drop everyone onto the public option? The promise that "you can simply keep your current plan if you like" is for simpletons who don't see the larger picture. This is all about the Federal Govt seizing enough money each year to keep running. Taxes won't do it anymore. They're broke and they know it. China knows it. The world knows it. So, they take over 1/6th of the US economy and VOILA! Instantly, they're rolling in money.... but, only if they FORCE everyone to go on the public option.

    Ask yourself, if a private insurance company is so damn profitable, why then does the US Federal Govt want to essentially become the largest insurance company in the world? So THEY can keep the profits! AND... they're still going to TAX us even more than they currently do.

    Someday everyone who voted for Obama and the Dems in Congress will be whacking themselves in their heads with boards. It'll be less painful than admitting publicly that you voted for straight up Socialism.

  12. I have freidnds in Australia, and they have had universal healthc are for about 30 years. The system is rapidly running out of money, and it is now law that people also purchase their own private insurance plans to supplement the universal coverage. They are taxed at about %50 already to pay for universal coverage, and now have to buy insurance anyway. Oz has a population smaller than California, and the coverage went broke in 3 years!

    Most pepple I know in Europe also purhcase private insurance plans to supplement their so-called free coverage.

    Why isn't anyone looking at this aspect of it, when they toss around how wonderful coverage is in other countries??????