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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sarah Palin Morning Posts

Here are some obligatory Sarah Palin morning posts, because while you were sleeping, Palin was inching closer to Barack Obama in the polls, driving the nutroots crazy, getting positive late-night coverage for a change (that should really scare the PDS crowd), and generally having fun:
  • Sarah Palin def. William Shatner on Conan.
  • David Plouffe attempts to outsell Sarah Palin for one day, and fails massively.
  • Someone maps out a path to victory in 2012.
  • Palin inspires aspiring thesbians to the PDS edge.
  • Prominent left-wing blogger thunks out loud about what it will take to stop people from "clicking" on Palin.
  • Someone else answers the question, "How to solve a problem like Palin?"
  • HuffPo blogger demands Palin "quit dragging John Wooden into your sleazy and sloppy brand of demagoguery." Yawn.
  • Palin finishes where she started.
  • The Seminal at Firedoglake exercises futility in promoting anti-Palin book.
  • Media Matters writes the words: "Everything she does is right, and even if she's wrong, it's not really her fault." But I don't think they mean it.
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  1. See also http://samandimp.wordpress.com

    About Misspeaking - War on Sarah's Words

    The above is a comparison between Obama and Palin when it comes to misspeaking. He not only misspeaks, he outright lies.