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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Because We Do Not Live In Sufficiently Interesting Times

From my new favorite screen shot source:

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  1. Give we a break already. I finnd it strange with all the problems the democrats are having right now why is this story coming out. To add more wood to the fire, or perhaps she is coming out with a book or a talk show lol.

  2. No! Bill Clinton actually LIED about something?

    I'm shocked and outraged! Someone please think of the children!

  3. Oh goodness, will these people NEVER go away!!?? The Clinton's should both be in jail. Like Jhess mentioned above, Monica is probably trying to publish a book or get on a talk show or something. [yawn]

  4. It is not Monica who is publishing the book. Bill agreed to an interview for the book, as did Monica. Hillary refused to be interviewed. So yes it is publicity for a book but not one written by Monica....

    and as if we did not already know that Bill lied... that is why he was to be impeached... for perjury...