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Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Things Will Change, Most Will Not

In a prior post in late October, I sought the input of readers into whether and how I should change the appearance and format of this blog.

The overwhelming response, in comments and e-mails, was that it doesn't appear to be broken in a major way, so no need to do a massive overhaul. Similar to the way the majority of Americans feel about our health care system, except that unlike the self-aggrandizing narcissists and masters of the universe in Washington, D.C., I'm actually listening.

So there are not going to be any major changes. But if you have noticed, I've taken some of the suggestions, primarily removing much of the clutter from the left sidebar. I also played around with a lighter background, but reverted back to the original as none of the alternatives seemed to go as well with the title header colors.

I've invested in a small way in some technology (a pda with mobile internet service) so as to put through comments more quickly, and at some point in time, to be able to post when not at a desktop.

I don't plan on changing the moderation feature on comments, since there are too many trolls looking to poison conservative websites, and I don't want to spend the time "banning" people as other blogs are forced to do.

I am looking into some add-ons to make comments easier, providing that moderation still is available. If anyone has any suggestions or experiences, let me know.

I'm also sticking with Blogger for now. While a three-column design (really only available from Wordpress, Typepad and others) would allow for more information on the screen, overwhelmingly the consensus was to stick to the basic two column structure. While there would be other advantages to different software, I'll stick to what I know until there is some compelling reason to change.

Some people mentioned that "fixed width" columns would make it easier to view on a wide screen monitor. Now if someone could only explain to me what exactly that is and how to do that, I'd certainly consider it.

I've started accepting some advertising, if you've noticed. Hopefully you have not noticed, because I don't want advertising to overwhelm the content. But I would like to recoup some of the new expenses, and additional expenses as I try to make the blog more mobile. So if you find the advertisers of interest, by all means click on the link and do your purchasing through them.

I may -- repeat "may" -- start accepting some guest posts. You'll find out more about that in the near future.

But this will remain a solo blog for now, an anachronism in an era when group blogs and bloggers at large corporate websites are the trend.

I'm one of only a handful of solo non-corporate bloggers in Technorati's Top 50 U.S. Politics blogs (No. 40 today, tomorrow who knows), but it's not easy to be heard over the noise. And it's a lot more work to be the only person posting.

But, after all, as the disclaimer says at the bottom of the sidebar, "These Are Only MY Opinions."

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  1. Congratulations on your success. I've enjoyed watching this blog flourish.