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Sunday, December 6, 2009

56 Newspapers to Sing As One About Copenhagen

Despite mounting evidence that key climate researchers were less than honest, and other indications that the science is not settled, tomorrow 56 newspapers will run a common front page editorial saying we have 'Fourteen days to seal history's judgment on this generation':

Tomorrow 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency....
The graphic at right, reprinted from The Guardian in Britain, show the newspapers which will be participating. Here's what's really motivating the alarmism, from the editorial:

Social justice demands that the industrialised world digs deep into its pockets and pledges cash to help poorer countries adapt to climate change, and clean technologies to enable them to grow economically without growing their emissions.... And fairness requires that the burden placed on individual developed countries should take into account their ability to bear it; for instance newer EU members, often much poorer than "old Europe", must not suffer more than their richer partners.
Social justice and fairness? I thought this was supposed to be about science.

Thankfully, we still have the internet, and bloggers who still care about uncovering the truth as to climate change. We certainly can't rely on the mainstream newspapers anymore, if we ever could.

Update: Maybe they share the same spiritual adviser, All As One Now.

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  1. It's never been about science. Now that the science has been debunked, this issue will morph into whatever issue is on the table as these hooligans make a last desperate attempt to seize global power over the rest of us. There has been too much capital invested over the past 30 or so years to quit now.

    Don't be surprised to see a sudden outbreak of crop circles soon.

  2. Global Warming is to the modern era what eugenics was in the 1930s. We can only hope that good science prevails before something monstrous is done.

  3. Boy, is Obama going to be surprised when we don't pay our taxes.

  4. I'm surprised they finally admit this has nothing to do with science. They plainly admit it's all about moving money.
    How much money do you think the people who run these newspapers have tied up in carbon credit trading now?

  5. Yes if this corrupt gathering of thugs and fraudsters do pass anything against western capitalism and in favor of cap and trade it will seal history's judgment of evil on all who attended and did not vote against such a monstrousity. Not sure that is how these sheeple anti science rags meant their editorial piece to be read, but in light of climategate, that is the only fair intendment of this outrageous bogus fear mongering baseless opinion.

  6. Time for people to get out their copy of Photoshop and begin the parodies of this logo. Might I suggest including Pravda, Isvestia, The Photocopy Gazette, and The Burning Earth Post into the 'shop'.

  7. I'm glad to see the Zimbabwe Independent standing tall amongst this vanguard of progressive voices.
    When did newspapers stop reporting the news and begin telling us what to think?

  8. History's judgement will be that these 56 newspapers and a whole boatload of the world's leaders somehow failed to see that the AGW Emperor was as nekkid as a jaybird.

  9. Why should developed countries pay for the mistakes of undeveloped countries? The following chart shows the per capita GDP of several countries in 1950 and today:

    Country 1950 Current (PPP)

    Brazil $1,673 $ 9,731
    China $ 614 $ 5,370
    India $ 597 $ 2,625
    Japan $1,873 $ 3,523
    South Korea $ 876 $24,590
    Taiwan $ 922 $30,561
    US $9,573 $45,759

    If Brazil, China and India had made intelligent economic decisions over the last 60 years they would be much wealthier and would not need any assistance. Is it the US's responsibility that Mao thought the steel industry was a cottage industry, and that the Cultural Revolution was needed to purify the country? Or that Nehru was enamored of socialism?

  10. Frankly, I'm weary of paying for all of the parties for world leaders at various venues throughout the year. Kindly remember leaders, before you up our taxes that there is such a thing as a teleconference. The Copenhagen venue would have had an impact if relegated to a video con. As it is, limos and etc. will create quite an air pollution problem for the event. To recap: Leaders may attend summits only if held on mountain tops. Otherwise: Skype!

  11. I was off topic above - elderly person; late night typing!

    This common editorial is as frightening as the growing possibility that we will end up with a world government that will encourage such global press cooperation as standard procedure.

    I hope we never get used to this!

  12. Who the Hell is 'Social Justice' and what gives him or her the right to demand anything from me or my country?

    What a crock. Can we finally admit that 'climate change' is just another tactic to enact a presumably-benevolent tyranny over the world so the 'elites' can lead us in a manner that is best for us?

  13. Hopefully, history will record that this fraud was stopped. Remember, these fraudsters have ordered 1200 Limos, and 140 private planes just to haul away the spoils.

  14. Sung to the tune of Peter Paul and Mary's "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?":

    Where have all the Marzists gone?
    Gone to 'enviromentalism' every one
    When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

  15. It's the Battle of the Bulge all over again, the last great offensive to win the war in one stroke before events overwhelm them.

  16. As with all social justive programs, it is all about who will be seen to be giving the money away. Who will get the credit.

    The UN will be passing out the money. Which proves the UN, and the idea of a one world government, is working.

    In the USA, Obama and the Dems are doing the same. The Stimulus and much of the budget has been used to fund their consituents and the Dems make sure everyone knows the money is coming from Obama.


  17. Just today, I read an editorial from the Los Angeles Times warning that if we do not take action, the United States will become a threat to humanity.

    I wonder why not a single newspaper editorial pointed out that the United States can stop global warming simply by detonating its arsenal of thermonuclear weapons. Carl Sagan and four other scientists proved this to be true back in 1983.

  18. they see themselves as the people at the top of the pyramid telling us at the bottom that the eclipse of the sun we are seeing means that we are bad and they will ask the gods for mercy for us by taking our money. shall we let them?

  19. so shall we allow them to treat us as the crowd at the bottom of the pyramid? they tell us that the eclipse is the manifestation of the gods anger and only through sacrifice may we please them.

    global warming is the new religion for which the cure ,they say, is cash from the rich moving towards the poor and the stop to progress of those who have been best at it.

    now that we know for a fact that the data is false they move on to the 'but we are helping people' argument for taking control of every aspect of life.

    one group of blind believers who help the other group of blind profiteers. both on the same side as usual. both gain strength through the demonization of success, one cash, the other mental.

    america is the country of freedom, win, forward, do. the world/obama would do anything to make us the country of control, stop, pay, lose.

  20. This is from my website:


    We are experiencing the surge of world leaders of similar minds backed by industrialists and currency traders doing their level best to create a world where only a few will rule the masses. Obama and crew have worked hard trying to cut off avenues of escape for those seeking freedom or a tax haven. The sad truth is there are no empty continents to flee to anymore. The feeling of being trapped is growing among the people of free will.

    Their mistake is that even good-hearted people with no malice in their hearts will not stand to be cornered, not for long. Unlike Europe, which has managed to disarm and cower their populace with a heavy handed police state, America is a different beast altogether. We are living in unstable times and as much as I wish peace to all, I'm not so sure that will be the outcome. All nations face extinction, some for the outside threats, but most from the corruption within. How we as a people handle our corruption will set the stage for the next hundred years. Live free or submit to a soft or not so soft enslavement. I do know this as I put in my post:

    "This is a shameful time in our history. If Jefferson were alive, he’d be pulling the plug on the experiment and pushing the reset button with the barrel of his musket."

    I wrote about this time in a novel being published as we speak. I wrote it in 1997 as an exercise in what it would take for our nation to fall to a corrupt government bent on taking over everyone's life. People who read it back then laughed, saying no way it could happen here.

    They aren't laughing now.