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Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama's Teleprompter Repeats Itself

Just do as he says, or you must want to kill the world:
“The time for talk is over, this is the bottom line: We can embrace this accord, take a substantial step forward. We can do that and everyone who is in this room will be part of an historic endeavor or we can choose delay,” he said, predicting: “We will back here making the same stale arguments, year after year, perhaps decade after decade, all until the danger of climate change grows until it is irreversible.”
Where have we heard this before?
"The time for talk is over," [Obama] added. "The time for action is now, because we know that if we do not act, a bad situation will become dramatically worse. Crisis could turn into catastrophe for families and businesses across the country."
Yep, the speech Obama just gave in Copenhagen is basically the speech he gave last February to push through the Stimulus Plan, that foul piece of legislation which has turned into a paradigm of big government gone bad.

Let's bring that Stimulus mojo to the whole planet, because the time for talk is over. For everyone except Obama, that is.

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  1. I would rather he repeat himself and look like a parrot than go off the teleprompter and reveal his lack of leadership and objectivity in the Gates affair That is the point he lost me forever. He does not see himself as president of all of the people, just some. He is president of the Cambridge Police and the arresting officer. He needed to remain neutral until the jury came in.

  2. I "miss-typed" in the above comment. the entry should read:

    I would rather he repeat himself and look like a parrot than go off the teleprompter and reveal his lack of leadership and objectivity as he did during the Press conference following the Gates incident in Cambridge. He forgot he is president of all the people and that people are presumed innocent until proved guilty. Obviously he did not consider he was president of either the arresting officer or the Cambridge police. He's an attorney. He knows that ethics demand he remain neutral until the jury is in.

  3. Got a hearty chuckle out of the title of this post.

  4. I think it was Victor Davis Hanson who said a few weeks ago, does Microsoft have a softare program that creates Hussein Obama's speeches? They all contain - "this is the moment", "now is the time", "we must act swiftly and boldly", yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Our Marxist-Mooslim Kenyan in Chief is sinking like a stone. How low can he go! This is too funny!

    Hey limp-wrists (aka, libs).... you better get used to saying "Madame President" in three years.

    This country needs a strong, active, plain spoken (non-acamedician/lawyer-speak) women in charge, who's not a wimp like Barry. Someone who puts the USA first - not the "planet". Free enterprise, not government sponsored "economic development" (aka, socialism), limited goverment, srong armed forces, individual liberty - not the collective in Barry's school books.

    Go Sarah Go!

  5. This post is the most succinct take-down of the Obama approach to governing that I have yet read . . . because it evinces a pattern.

    Curtly speaking, I suspect it essentially amounts to this:

    "Shut up and listen!"

  6. the scary part is that it is history repeating itself. A question asked on the Hillbuzz site (these guys are really intuitive) related to the commercial real estate market. The responses to the question is not very encouraging.... think the Great Depression because there are places where businesses are rapidly disappearing... and the truth about what is happening with the home real estate market is discouraging.

    Yeah, loved the comment that you made....everything just has to be a crisis... if you know what I mean... and it must be fixed by......