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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Schedule More Fundraisers for Reid

Harry Reid needs more than a weekend off. Perhaps we should, in the national interest, schedule a series of fundraisers for Reid running through the end of the year.

I say this because scheduling a fundraiser for Reid appears to be the only way to get him to take a time out from the cockamamie plans he is hatching in an effort to get a health care bill passed. The result has been an almost daily change in the structure and nature of a public option, Medicare buy-in, trigger, opt-out, and the list goes on.

We are not talking about just any particular pork project here, where the damage from politics-as-usual will be limited to a few billion dollars here or there. We are talking about one-sixth of the economy and hundreds of millions of people who are happy with their current private insurance.

We cannot afford a Rube Goldberg-like health care bill with unintended consequences, intended negative consequences for the private sector, and a structure which does absolutely nothing to empower individuals to take responsibility for their medical costs.

Harry Reid needs to take a time out. And we will not compare him to a slave owner for doing so.

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  1. Rube Goldberg-like health care bill. Love it.

  2. I like the way you think.

    Meanwhile I am slowly and reluctantly coming to think the Senate Republicans are, in fact, planning to let this health care bill pass in order to regain the Senate.

    Maybe we can also hold a fundraiser for whatever Democrat runs against Mitch McConnell. Since we stand to pick up a few Senate seats might we not sacrifice one to get new leadership?

  3. Reid's sentence structure is courtesy Rube Goldberg.

    Interesting theory, Becky.

    As for me, we elderly are at a loss to know why congressmen did NOT specify what Medicare services would be cut. The very fact that that financially floundering area should be restructured to enable the government to fund the newly covered is an outrage. Why should seniors be the only ones to suffer? What is democratic about that? The whole point of the exercise has been to make health care available to all but not at the expense of the weakest link of the society. I will not rant further.