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Thursday, December 31, 2009

They Shouted "You Die!"

This is my obligatory post regarding left-wing reaction to Rush Limbaugh being rushed to the hospital late last night in Hawaii (U.S. mainland time), and initial reports that he was in serious condition.

By the time we woke this morning, the word was that Rush had chest pain and now was resting comfortably.

But in the overnight, the "death panel"-denying, Alan Grayson-worshipping, federal-government-handout-seeking, Keith Olbermann-loving, gimme-my-free-lunch crowd managed to get in some good shouts of "You Die!"

Since I'm late to this, here are some informative links:

I can't get real excited about this reaction. Tell me something I didn't already know.

When Rush returns, his first show will be off the charts.

Something to look forward to in the New Year.

Update: Let's Shout "You Live!"

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  1. When they go down, we need to stay up. No point in lowering ourselves to their level.

  2. Yeah, and no one on the right ever gets happy over someone on the left getting ill or dying. Does the name Ted Kennedy ring a bell?
    If anyone was wishing Rush dead, they're out of line. Wishing people dead is out of line in general.

  3. Wishing for Obama's death is still okay though, right comrades?!

  4. Bury Obamacare with Kennedy. No sympathy from me you hypocrites. Let's not forget Limbaugh's gloating over his correct prediction of Kennedy dying. Can you point me in the directions of your post that condemned them? What, you can't? Conservatives are all the same. They have very short memories and love to kill people

  5. It is wrong for anyone to make fun of the dead or to wish someone to die, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are one. Conservatives are just as bad as these "leftists" Mr. Jacobson points out. Here are but a few examples:

    1. Conservative hero Andrew Breitbart made some very vile, vicious, and hateful comments about Ted Kennedy the morning after his death. He called him a "villain," a "big ass mother@#^&!*er," and a "special pile of human excrement." He said other nasty things about a man who had not only just died, but about a man who wasn't even buried yet.

    2. On his radio show, Glenn Beck has mused about killing Michael Moore. On his nationally televisioned cable program, Beck has "joked" about killing Nancy Pelosi by putting poison in her wine.

    3. Very recently, Senator Jim Inhofe made some comment about the American people praying for one member of the Senate not to show up for the health care vote. I wonder who that member of the Senate was? Was it 92 year old Robert Byrd?

    4. Limbaugh himself has been very nasty about the disadvantaged, the poor, the sick. If I could pick just one example of Limbaugh's hate (and that's tough to do because there is so much of it), I would cite his comments about Michael J. Fox and his Parkinson's Disease.

    Once again, it is wrong for anyone to wish others ill or death; it is wrong for anyone to make fun of the dead or openly spread hate about a recently deceased person.

    However, I want to point out that Mr. Jacboson's examples are from individual posters who likely are not known by very many people. My 4 examples of hate come from well known, national figures who have radio or cable shows, one who is a U.S. Senator, and one who is a nationally known right wing blogger. When people of prominence make such evil, vile, and vicious comments, it encourages their followers to do likewise.

  6. Oh come on, now, it's not like he actually had a heart attack ... he's missing the pre-requisite.