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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watch Massachusetts Senate Race

No one gives Scott Brown, the Republican primary winner, much chance at defeating Martha Coakley, the Democratic nominee. It's Massachusetts, and it's to fill Ted Kennedy's seat.

But keep an eye on Massachusetts. It's a special election, and turnout could be low as it was in the primaries, which gives the party with the motivated base an advantage. Throw in some possible bad weather in mid-January, and anything could happen.

Brown is sending the right message:
“I’m going to win by drawing clear distinctions between myself and Martha,” he said. “I’ll bring my message to voters and let them decide if they want an independent voice in Washington watching their wallets and pocketbooks or someone in lock step with Harry Reid and the special interests who’ll raise their taxes.”
Expect Democrats to play heavily on Teddy's memory, as they have done in the health care debate. The Catholic vote could be important here. Coakley is not just pro-choice, she has made public funding of abortion a litmus test for her support of health care legislation.

So don't count this one out, yet. If Coakely wins, as expected, but by only single digits, that would be something. If Brown were to win, that would be something else.

You can donate to Brown's campaign here.

Update: Jules Crittenden's take is reasonably pessimistic, but he also points out Coakley's vulnerabilities. I still say it's too early to give up all hope.

Take a look also at Scott Brown receives GOP nomination, what does it mean? for a decidedly pro-Brown view of the race.

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  1. You'd think the so-called Republican leadership would rally the troops for this race but once again, we see the 'can't do' attitude. Instead, let's
    'reach across the aisle'
    'forge alliances'
    'find common ground'
    'open dialogue'
    'reach out to the opposition'
    'do the right thing'
    'express bipartisanship'
    and other such nonsense that is never ever ever reciprocated by the Dems.

  2. I'd say that Brown has a chance. Given that the Dems are splitting wide open about now.

    Coakley was *not* the choice of the Obamacratic party. Nor did she have the blessings of the Kennedy dynasty. She was backed by Bill Clinton (and presumably his wife.)

    The Clinton choice carried all but Boston and Cambridge / Somerset. Those three areas went for the candidate sanctioned by The Holy One and his minions.

    This will be interesting to watch... for both the GOP and the Clinton wing of the Dem party.

  3. I'm originally from Boston and was involved in local and state politics there for years before moving to CA in 1989. Unless that state has had a brain transplant, I really doubt Brown has a chance. Polls are very deceiving there. Deals are struck at the last minute in key precincts and suddenly a close race turns into a romp.

    This is the state where 2/3s of the voters were against gay marriage and despite the state legislature's refusal to act on the state Supreme Court's instructions, they refused to rise up and toss them out. What other state can say that? Gay marriage lost in MA but it is the law anyway.

    It's not that people are all that liberal out there, it is that government-employee-and- student-dominated Boston dominates state politics.There is virtually no power outside of that metro region where the permanent, private sector citizens live. They are powerless and since they refuse to fight the system, it is their own fault.

    Only a wealthy self-financing candidate like Romney can acquire a state-wide office as a Republican. Ed King became governor by tapping into the James Michael Curley (Democratic) people who were still around. There was no Republican party when I was part of it there and I really doubt anything has changed.

  4. I suspect it's largely a matter of money. The low turnout to be expected in a special election combined with the possibility of GOP voters being more motivated give Brown a shot. But if the Dem's internal polling shows him with even an outside shot, he'll be buried by TV ads and well-financed field operations. Give him a few million dollars and a "send Washington a message" message he's got an even chance -- yes, even in Massachusetts.

  5. Where are the Massachusetts patriots. This state is the birthplace of freedom not only in North America but throughout the world. Here in the home of jon Adams and Paul Revere where the farmers of Lexington stood and died for a belief that led to a nation no one took a poll to see what their chances were they acted now is the time for the people of Massachusetts to once again rise to the call of freedom: once again to lead the way, to raise the clarion call that we will not be subjugated by an elite ruling class and that we can an will take our country back. This senate race and a win by Scott Brown will once again be The Shot Heard Around The World

  6. "It's not over till the fat lady sings".. I believe Scott Brown has a good chance of winning this election. A lot of us are all tired of the ObamaNation! May God bless his endeavors!