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Sunday, December 27, 2009

About That "Firecracker"

There has been a deliberate attempt to downplay the seriousness of the attempted bombing of an airplane over Detroit. The attempted detonation of an explosive in the airplane has been described by leading bloggers as "unserious" and evidence that al-Qaeda is "a joke."

Below is the video the FBI played at the sentencing of Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, using the same explosive material as in the attempted Detroit bombing.

While we do not yet know the precise amount of material in the attempted Detroit bombing, the amount hidden in Richard Reid's shoe was enough to blow a hole in the fuselage, likely destroying the aircraft in mid-air.

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Update: Apparently there was enough bomb material to bring down the Detroit airplane, and only a failed detonator saved the airplane. (h/t Dan Riehl)

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  1. http://truthandcommonsense.com/2009/12/27/dad-tells-us-hes-a-terrorist-and-we-go-well-make-a-note-of-it-thanks/

    Janet Napolitano is what we call a “useful idiot” who has far exceeded the outside norms of the “Peter Principle.” The question that begs to be answered is why? Was it her support of Obama and he responded by giving her this spot like it was an ambassadorship? It really is an important position to just hand off to the first dunce that comes along.

    So what’s the deal? As I say in my post, maybe it is important to the administration to have someone weak and incompetent in such an important position. They have a plan, we don’t know what it is past what we see. Maybe it is as simple as they want to control the department through her. Or maybe they want to be able to use the power of the department at some point in the future, for example as a way to identify “terrorists” Obama sees in our midst.

    One thing for sure, she’s a mess, and should be replaced. If she’s not, then it proves they want her for something and it isn’t her great intelligence or insight.


  2. It was important to get Napolitano out of Arizona because we have a budget situation about to blow up in the near future. Everyone has to take cuts (now that the adults are in charge, not to mention the economic problems) and everyone's whining about it. So the hardships will get blamed on Republicans.

  3. Actually, according to today's reports, there was FAR more than enough crotch-PETN to blow a hole in that airframe. The hole could have been the size of an automobile.

  4. It was a very close call. I am still aghast that this person managed to smuggle the materials on board the aircraft.

    One way that he did this was to pretend to be a diabetic - usually type1 diabetes people require insulin via injection. The airlines need to find a way to circumvent this from happening again. If insulin doses do not need to be individual then perhaps airlines could be asked to carry the necessary supplies for known diabetics on the passenger list. (type2 diabetes people do not normally need insulin).

    The PETN was smuggled in the underwear. The fact that he went to the bathroom suggests that he had to remove it from the underwear. Otherwise the bathroom trip does not make a lot of sense to me.

    The thing is, though, if it is true that he pretended to be a refugee, then he should have been thoroughly searched before boarding the USA flight. It seemed to be all too easy to get him onto the flight by pretending to be a refugee.

    It is about time that this practice was stopped. No more refugees without proper papers.